New wave of users

I haven’t really said much about the new wave of users and held back to really take everything in.

I’m SOOO happy byte is doing well currently. Dom is an amazing guy and I love supporting the app. I love that most are having a good time too.

But I’ve noticed a general theme, of constant hypocrisy, hate, putting people down for self expression, and pushing people away from the app.

First I wanted to bring up how a lot of people don’t want people like lilhuddy or any other super super popular people coming to the app and collecting all the clout like it’s nothing but… they are some of the most important people for byte.
I can’t directly speak for Dom in any matter but I would assume he wants to do what’s best for the app and make it as popular as possible and people like lilhuddy and other hype house members could bring SO MANY users. While they make super boring content it brings a massive user base to follow them.
Pushing those creators away cripples the growth of byte

Next I have seen a massive wave of people trying to put down people who dance, which is absolutely sad when you are apart of a generation born into the idea of being open about all forms of self expression. DANCING IS FUN, ITS SO FUN TO JUST MOVE YOUR BODY.
I’ve seen videos on byte with thousands of likes just saying that if they see someone dancing they will block and report them like wtf? This isn’t footloose.

I’ve noticed a lack of content, real entertaining content.
With a lot of older users being shut out and the new wave flooding pages I have seen pretty much the same 4-5 “jokes” over and over
• subway surfers with Shane Dawson and Abby audio over it
•To people just saying “follow me cuz I’m alt”
•General hate of other users
•Colorized filter content

It’s all I see and it’s just so sad to see hundreds of videos that are the same jokes over and over and over again, flooding pages of every single category and there is no room for any other type of creator.

I’m happy there are new users but, I don’t enjoy being on the app really and I can’t even meet people who make funny content anymore. This isn’t a complaint about the app but more the user base and I’m just wondering when something will change


Tl;DR, but byte isn’t just for funny / comedy videos it branches out to many niches!

however, i agree that there is some content that “we” may not enjoy; overall, the algorithm needs to improve and better way to filter out contents that “we” aren’t interested in. leverage content creator (old, new, returning, etc) that deserves the recognition because at the end of the day this isn’t just for only OG users platform it’s for everyone. more so, on the bright side, new communities are being added to filter out spam video in your favorite community/channel. plus the explore page will be overhauled soon! this will take time but keep pumping out feedbacks on ways to improve!:small_red_triangle::slightly_smiling_face:

also, no worries everything is calm for now.

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