New Video Lengths (Kinda)

Longer videos are a big topic of discussion, and here’s another POV.

Some people want it the same, some want longer. Let’s make everyone happy!

What if certain categories can be longer? Say /musicmakers is up to 32s, or /cinematic to 48s. Heck, even add a new /shorts channel solely for longer vids up to 96s!

These lengths are just examples, yet I like the idea of time limits specific to channels. Do you agree?


This is a Genius idea

I love this!

cool idea, but it will be more difficult to make it work. Most when the option to make your own channels will be added (this option will be available someday for sure) or when there are smaller channels like /dogs (where some just want to show dogs and some want to do a tutorial how to take care of them etc.) or even /general where is literally everything else, and what about videos that are just not on any of the channels?
just my opinion

I’m confused when you say everyone will have the ability to make channels. How does that not result in infinite channels? @robloaks

It can. Look at Reddit with subreddits or Spotify with playlists. Having thousands of channels isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Idk abt playlists, bc that’s for one person to add to. Reddit is a rly good comparison tho! I guess so, I didn’t see the point of having so many channels only one person would probs add to but I get that. Probs when there are more users. Reddit has half a billion users, byte half a million *from what I’ve heard on here *

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What if you had channels as they are right now. But then if you felt like you didn’t like the channels make a playlist of your own. Playlist could be more like sub channels in a way.

I did something like that once


OOH OHH IDEA! From what you said, you can make playlists on your profile just like playlists on YouTube. You bunch together a bunch of bytes (say all from a certain trip) and you can group them together, and there’s another tab on the profile that takes you to all of the persons playlists. Similar to insta, where are you have a tab for personal photos, pictures you’re tagged in, and IGTV. Ahh I see what u mean with subchannels nice. Singing could go under music

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I love that! Something like this would be awesome!! Especially if you could make your own!

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