New Verification System

So I was talking with @amelia on another thread about this, and I thought that it would be cool to implement a new verification system that no other social media uses. My idea was that instead of having a tick to signify that someone is verified, use symbols relating to their profile category.

I’ll go in-depth incase you’re lost. (This is kind of two ideas in one). So when the user is creating their account/profile, they will be asked what category their profile will fall into. There will be five categories and one sub category.


  1. Comedy
  2. Music
  3. Sports
  4. Art
  5. General Entertainment (Fan edits, DIY, etc…)

Sub Categories:

  1. Company/Business (For companies that want to use the app).

If I choose for my profile to be Music, and I get verified, then a music note symbol will show up next to my name. Users can either click on my name or hover over the symbol (if this will be web-compatible) and it will say ‘Verified Musician’. Same with if I chose Art, someone would click/hover over the symbol and it will say ‘Verified Designer’ (not using Artists since Dom has confirmed that creators on the app will be referred to as ‘Artists’).

People who pick a category for their profile and aren’t verified won’t get the symbol/icon next to their name, however that doesn’t really take away too many permissions that verified users would get.

This will also be useful to set fake company accounts and real company accounts apart. Example:

Someone creates a fake account called ‘Apple’. The Apple company could instead use a username like ‘AppleInc’ and it will have the verified business icon next to it (Business icon can be a book).

This will also be used for verified users. If someone searches ‘Liza Koshy’, it won’t show a bunch of random spam accounts and put hers somewhere in the middle, it will put her account to the absolute top (unless there is another really popular verified Liza Koshy) and it will show the symbol/icon for ‘Comedian’ (probably the two drama faces that look like they’re smiling, or a general laughing emoji).

Assumed questions I have answered:

‘Verification is a bragging right’ - Verification is a bragging right, yes, however you can pretty much use that excuse for every single thing on social media. You could say that having followers is a bragging right, you could say that the amount of uplods you have is a bragging right, you could even argue that the amount of people YOU follow is a bragging right. My point is, everything on social media is a bragging right, adding a verification icon just makes things a lot easier for both the creators, users, and the app itself.

‘This will make people think that the app is all about your following instead of actually having fun’ - Seen this one around quite a lot. Firstly, if we’re speaking literally, nobody said that any social media is just to ‘have fun’. When you upload on youtube it doesn’t say ‘Just remember to have fun and not worry about your following’. When you tweet on twitter it doesn’t say ‘Don’t worry about the amount of retweets you get, as long as you have fun that’s all that matters’, etc… (Once again, I’m speaking literally here). All I’m saying is, there isn’t a rule that says that social media is only to have fun, you’re ASSUMING that every social media is designed to ‘have fun’. At the end of the day, some people’s goals are to just become famous. Is there anything wrong with that? No, not at all.
Secondly, the app pretty much is all about your following, like every other social media is. If people don’t worry about there following in the slightest, then nobody will be seeing their content. If nobody is seeing their content, then they won’t feel encouraged to keep going. And if they keep going, then they will stop producing it. let’s be honest, nobody is going to put time and effort into their videos if it gets 1 view after 9 weeks of it being uploaded. Numbers matter, it’s social media. Also, chances are, if you’re getting paranoid that people seem to only care about the numbers, chances are, you’re one of those people to. Someone who really doesn’t care about the amount of people that view their content wouldn’t be complaining about people trying to gain fame off of the app.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this idea.

P.S: I have already seen Dom say that he’d prefer something other than a badge verification system, however he’s still open to ideas


That is interesting, good idea

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Wow that could make the app super unique! So would it be possible to become verified in multiple categories?


I like the idea. Good thinking!

Very different, like it!

Wow I would have never think of this :open_mouth: amazing

No, since your channel can only be apart of one category. Letting profiles be apart of multiple categories allows them to easily abuse possible algorithms.

Ohhhhh I see

I don’t believe that this is necessarily a good idea. It would force people into boxes.

Keeping the simple verified check is a simple move that is basically a stamp of approval.

A breakdown like that would serve no actual purpose.


However if there is a category for example vertified musicians then it will show all the accounts who are musicians.

Thanks for including my name :slight_smile: and I absolutely love the idea

What if you create for example comedy & music videos? :slight_smile:

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This is just complicated. Having a blue tick badge is better.
Also, Apple will never put their username as AppleInc .

this is actually a really neat idea, I agree that this should go forward! would be a nice change to the basic tick next to names

Maybe we could have the option to change them? idk

we should be able to change the category though, because sometimes people change the content that they make ._.

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Yeah, I wrote that idea on another threat but left it out in this one incase it’d look too cluttered. My idea was that as users are creating their profiles, they will pick a category for their channel. If they want to change in the future, they can only change once. Set to once to stop any possible algorithm abuse.

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It really isn’t complicated at all. If creators get verified, their badge will be an icon representing the category their channel falls into.

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Woah! Cool idea!

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I can understand the concept. but what if Rudy Mancuso got on v2? He makes both Comedy and Music.
or What if someone does all kinds of content?

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