New V*nes!

I’m loving looking through Twitter and instagram and seeing more 6 sec vids from unknown people ever since v2 has been announced. Even though the app may be a few months out, its exciting seeing creators putting out content. Even some older creators have made a few new loops that are shorter, since they’ve gotten used to instagrams up to 60 seconds.

What are some of your favorite new videos? I love the voice over political edits, but I just saw one with a guy and a mannequin!


Anything comedic which everyone can relate to and just share laughter with

I like things like random memes and relatable comedy I guess :wink:

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Roy purdy is one of my top 10 favorites from the internet… he doesn’t really make short videos or anything but he’s just great.

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I’m down for anything comedic!

…or furry! <3

hey breah, super HYPE to see you here

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Hey Alex, how have you been.

pretty good as of now

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I like the comedy

I find almost anything funny besides anything crazily overacted and or cheesy.