New username?

Hey !

The thing is that I want to make YouTube videos in French (I would do gaming) but I also want to make V+nes (English comedy v+nes)

The problem is that if I the same username for 2 communities it would probably be weird.
But it could also be a good thing because I wouldn’t have people call me by 2 different names.

So I wanted to know what you think about this, should I keep my current username for V2 ? or should I take a new one ?

  • You should take a new one
  • Keep yours

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I apologize for any mistake since English isn’t my native language :sweat_smile:

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You should have only one username because that is the best way for your users to recognize and find you.


You should allways have the same username for every platform you use, it really helps people to find you and help you grow

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I personally would make a new username, but if you plan on building a large audience and want a head-start (since getting the first 1,000 is the hardest part) it would be better to stick to this username.

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I also make content for two different communities (English & Japanese) and for English, I use my name, and for the Japanese community I use my nickname. Except you’re in two close communities, and many people speak both languages. In that case, I’d stick to the same name but maybe include an (ENG) or (FR) beside it? I don’t know. If I would do something like that for myself I’d just do Evan ca and Evan jp

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