@PDSC We need a new algorithm fr!


Definitely :triumph::joy:

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All of these are great ideas, but I think that the dislike button with a hidden count (only visible to the account owners) would be useful. This way creators can understand whether their content is appreciated enough.

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first of all welcome to the forums it’s alway great to see new faces and hopefully this reply is helpful

  1. this is coming eventually and they will be able to be toggled on and off
  2. This is just my opinion but I think limiting what Byte can and can’t be is not a goo idea (that’s just my personal opinion) the numbers are down right not with and we don’t have an outstanding number of users so clearly what we have now needs improvement (no shade) so I’m ready for any changes and experiments to come it’s for the greater good
  3. Engagement is bad for big creators too really, the app is still in it’s infancy stages. Numbers will come so fro now just have fun with it.
  4. There will be changes to come to the comment section but it’s not gonna be soon. According to Dom this is not a priority for now (mostly because they are working on new user retention for now)
  5. Yes
  6. Yes and Yes however make the number toggleable
  7. Yes and it has alredy been asked multiple times
  8. Yes
  9. Yes (this should honestly be a thread on it’s own)
  10. that could be handy if you have a second account
  11. Byte is not Vine, Byte is not TikTok, Byte is Byte and will keep evolving more as the months go on
  12. this is coming
    *byte bulletin #2*
  13. This is coming
  14. We do though…
  15. Not yet Dom made a post about this a while ago that I feel people (not saying you lol you just got here lol) are quick to look over but what he says is very true and I agree with him, check this link out when you have the chance it’s a good read. (it’s the first reply)
    Dom how’s the marketing process going on?
  16. No, experimenting is good and I hope you read the reasoning on why this will be a TEST and like I said Byte will be changing in many ways we are in a liquid state at the moment right now things will come and go and well keep testing things. We are still in the process of finding the perfect mix. As of now we are all part of 2 groups Beta Testers and Early adopters and we have the privilege of being here early and try some things that might not make it to version 1.0.

Hopefully this helps answer a few questions and hopefully be part of this community for the long run :grin:


@Acadrien Really appreciate your points, bro! Looking forward for these to happen ASAP!

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I can definitely see your enthusiasm for this platform, and I like it. Most of the features you mentioned have been discussed before and there are plans to implement them, but not at the moment. Dom and the dev team have a specific list of priorities feature-wise, with their top priorities being user-retention and testing out the three big “controversial” changes (#1 was 8 to 16 seconds, #2 was the dislike button for recommendation control, #3 is unknown at the moment but we’ll probably find out soon).

Therefore, I want to inform you that these recommendations may take a while to be implemented, possibly longer than you might expect. However, the community and the devs are definitely aware of all the great points you made, so remember to be patient, as many of these features will come eventually. :blush:


I understand you man but it been almost 4 months since the app came out so give it time for these updates to come. Usually when something new comes out, it starts out small

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Alright, linking everything! This app is new and hasn’t been a full year… so it’ll take time to implement these features and some of the features are coming/similar post ideas have been answered.

  1. Follower/following counts you can toggle on and off in your profile
  2. Update on 16 sec
  3. Algorithm update
  4. Comment Update
  5. Editing Tool update
  6. No update on rebyte count but you can get notifications. Honestly, I think it’s not necessary to have a rebyte counter! (Should he kept hidden)
  7. Notifications…
  8. Changing email — impossible but…
  9. Beat idea
  10. Bio customization
  11. Lol, Byte is Byte… it is not Vine 2.0
  12. Clickable Links
  13. Again, editing
  14. Cool thread I found that will assist your question
  15. Marketing
  16. I suggest reading dom comments about dislike options

Also, welcome to the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


i HEAVILY agree with almost all of these points! i especially agree with 11 & 14!!!

i slightly agree with 1; it should be an option, but not manditory.
i also disagree with 6, just bc i don’t want a rebyte counter to spark another war for rebytes and spam…

otherwise, GREAT POST!!
i honestly think that byte could use a complete makeover, and u seem to agree : )


i think the algorithm is fine, i have 200 followers and have been doing pretty well.

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What Byte really needs is…
Post notifications
DMs, Live feature and Liking comments
Searchable songs and beats
and more engagements for small creators

Followers being hidden is better because that’s when unoriginality and competition settles in. You lose the creative factor of all you worry about is likes and followers (that’s why I love Instagram a lot more now)

I do like longer videos cause for some, it takes at least 16 seconds to make a good video that’s funny and interesting. After all, we live in a time which content is short but more enjoyable to see and isn’t quick like Vines.

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I agree that 16 seconds should be the max @vaahiv . I was surprised they even went up that far.


I think a new algorithm is also needed cause I’m new to the app and I’m having close to 90% of my viewers liking my bytes, but I’m only getting a few views and it will just stop showing my bytes


Exactly! TikTok is 16 seconds. Shorts (Youtube) 16 seconds, Lasso (Facebook) 16 seconds, Reels, IGTV (Instagram) 16 seconds, or Resso (ByteDance) 16 seconds AND Byte is also 16 seconds. Then why would people choose a still developing app over these bigger companies? Byte is no longer unique. I know vine is dead & should RIP but the “6 seconds” was IT. Everyone liked a short 6 sec looping funny vids with punch line. I’m not a hater or something but if it doesn’t roll back to 6 or AT LEAST 8 seconds then the app is dead already. @dom


Don’t say that byte isn’t unique or is dead solely based on its time limit, because that’s only one factor in the grand scheme of things.

Here are the ways byte is truly unique and stands out from the competition:

  1. Emphasis on “creativity first.” Video platforms are filled with copycats who imitate what everybody else is doing to try to become popular (the biggest example of this being TikTok). This app does it differently and prioritizes creative, original content.
  2. The community. Never before had I seen a community so diverse yet so unified until I met the byte community. These forums allow us to find common interests, talk with the devs, discuss matters concerning the app, and have fun together. The community even goes beyond the forums here as well.
  3. A unique form of funding creators. byte started a partner program before the app even reached version 1.0, which is pretty big considering how most platforms either started their creator programs after their rise to popularity or don’t even have one. However, we already have 100 creators being funded to make awesomely original and creative content. Plus, unlike platforms like YouTube, the program isn’t based on audience size, it’s based solely on creativity of content (which brings me back to my first point).

So to answer your question as to why people would choose this app over others, the answer would be because of its fulfillment of its motto “creativity first.”
byte is not like other short video apps and it’s not intended to be like them. While other apps focus on popularity and trendsetting, byte focuses on the creator and their content.

I hope this helps you better understand what byte is about! :blush:

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  1. You’re just repeating yourself again & again lol. Let’s be real, go to youtube and search for “byte” every big tech youtuber says it’s a clone of tiktok and I DON’T want that. I want byte to rise to the top, like I said before, I’m not a hater.

  2. The community forum will shut down eventually when the development stage is done & app is stable so it’s just temporary.

  3. The creators & everyone feel like a family & positive because there aren’t enough users on the app. Eventually more people will join & that will start the hatred.

  4. Byte is unique FOR NOW. Once tiktokers or anyone for the matter joins it, it will become yet another tiktok like app completely.

  5. Everyone joined byte because of the hype “VINE IS BACK! The co-creator of vine @dom created a new 6 seconds video looping app” and not because of 16 seconds of tiktok style. (one of the reason why people are leaving the app before version 1.0)

  6. Everyone agrees deep down that vine was different & had potential to dominate social media platforms but it didn’t because it didn’t pay the creators. If byte can do that then why won’t people join.

  7. Argue it till the last breath BUT 6 seconds OR 8 seconds of quick laughter with a punch line is way better than 16 seconds of unnecessary skits.

  8. I SUPPORT byte, @dom, it’s team & the creators. Just be real & understand the situation before things get worse. People outside the byte community are hating byte for no reason at all & we gotta do something about it.

  9. Byte is still a new baby and doesn’t have to be THE BEST in the game yet but short steps are necessary despite the fact that the team consists of around 20 people only.

  10. TikTok, Shorts, Coup, Lasso, Reels, IGTV, Resso, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and byte. Gotta stand out buddy, right? :slight_smile:

Peace! :v:t4:


this place won’t shut down when it hits 1.0 it’s been around since before the app had a name. a lot benefits from 16 seconds and this whole app isn’t comedy. byte probably won’t add lipsyncing and copyrighted songs


Byte might take off once they start doing some more advertising.

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If the number of followers is visible to everyone, people will just aggregate huge follower numbers, a la Instagram. It will keep large followings large and small followings small IMHO.

I agree about limiting the time, also about repositioning clips and editing them like vine used to have.

Also clickable links in bio like for our Instagram or YouTube channel would be nice.

Promotion will be key, but it needs to be organic, not commercialized.


The rebyte button should stay in the menu, since rebyting shouldnt be enouraged on every post you like.