“New Today” why?

I think it goes without saying that we all appreciate the hard work the team puts into the app especially as of late. We have a ton of channels, a latest tab, spotlight tab, not to mention our follow feeds and your mix. “New today“ just feels like a little bit of overkill. What makes this stuff any different from the latest tab (which is better)? Is it being curated, and if so what is the criteria?

Featured Tag tab > New Today


it seems to be replacing “new & trending”

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Which also felt like overkill to be honest :man_shrugging:t2:

I kinda liked new and trending because it had higher quality stuff than latest but also wasn’t a repeat of my mix as was the case with popular and spotlight.


I agree. New and Trending is my favorite category to browse.


I agree it seems like it’s getting harder to find more of the quality bytes . Maybe because of the new today channel :man_shrugging:t4:.


it’s new & trending, it was just renamed to more accurately reflect what it actually is. it was moved up because it received a disproportionate amount of people looking at it even when it was at the bottom of the list and because there is currently no featured hashtag or similar unit occupying that slot


Oof this is kinda awkward

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I see, thank you.

It’s not awkward. He clarified and it’s fine. I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to have a point of view.

Sorry. I thought it was awkward because I just said I liked new and trending and I was sad to see it go and then Dom was like “this is new and trending”.