New to beta. Don't know what I'm doing

I just downloaded testflight and installed the byte beta a few days ago. Since then I sent a couple screenshots/messages through testflight but I just realized I don’t know if I should be sending bugs on there or posting them here.


You can send bug reports (at least with IOS) directly to them through the screenshot pop-up in the app… if that makes sense. I’m kind of tired

EDIT; you can most definitely send bug reports through the forums though

How do you get the screenshot popup? I’ve been talking screenshots and then opening the testflight app and uploading it there.

First, you take a screenshot:

Second, tap on it to open up the screenshot, and then tap on ‘Done’:

Third, select ‘Share Beta Feedback’:

Finally, type whatever it is that you need to, then hit submit and you’re good to go

(Not sure what version of IOS you have)


Oh okay thanks! It works for me.

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