New Terms & Phrases

I’m aware that there are other separate topics on some of the following, but I decided that bringing them together would be more organized and bring more attention to the issue. Although Dom and the staff have probably already thought, or are in the process of thinking of some replacement names, what other issues/replacements do you think are needed/missing? And what are your ideas for those replacements?

  • “viner/viners” (the creators on the app)
  • “vines” (the videos posted on the app) Simply put, “v2s” is not going to work.
  • “Do it for the vine” (slogan/motto/catchphrase)
  • “Revine/Revines/Revined” (Reposting with credit)
  • “loops” (number of times viewed)

If you think any are missing, feel free to say so!

EDIT: Just wanted to let you know that I’m not suggesting these as replacements. I’m just saying that these need to be replaced.


I agree with this because it’s not gonna be affiliated with v2 & all vne terms should be kept in vne

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I like the name “Loops”


instead of “v*ners” it’s supposed to be “artists” (accord to dom) otherwise idk what the replacements will be. I’m sure once the app comes out people will figure something out.


I truly think it depends on the audience to make up a name, I do not think we should force it and this app has no affiliations with Vine

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yeah I agree.

i’m a fan of calling them “works” instead of v*nes since creators are called artists now

Defo as the word v2ers doesn’t flow so well