New post-but

I have a new post, is it better to post tonight or wait till tomorrow morning? It may be one of my favorite posts I’ve made so I’d like to set it up to do well


Thats a really hard question I’ve been asking myself for a little while. So far I’ve found the best success posting late afternoon CST, so somewhere like 1-3 CST, but it really depends on if you’re looking to make trending or get attention in latest. When it comes to latest, I’d say more of the 5-7 CST range, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference. I find that spacing my Bytes to where I have consistent release helps not only to pace myself, but I don’t post all my good ideas and then wait for a few days before coming up with anything else.

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Post tomorrow morning —- 10am - 1pm est

Thank you for the advice! @JeremyTheGee

I’m posting at 12:00

How do we post on here?