New player on the block

Kinda cool that It only allows you to upload from their camera, and you can dislike posts. Other than that it’s a 1:1 clone of tiktok.

Oh god clapper is filled with so many MAGA trumpies so imma say no thanks … lol


Lol I noticed that two seconds after I made the post. Its essentially the anti-byte.

Yeah its got some free speech people cause some moved there after Parler :confused:

Tried it out, deleted it after 5 minutes

Loads of potential to be a good app but just not the app for me for a lot of obvious reasons :skull_and_crossbones:

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I wish I could delete my hive social account :confounded:


Uhhhh, no

TL;DR, some morons use it because they get banned for a perfect and obvious reason, but they bitch and moan about it because they didn’t bother to read the social media’s guidelines or terms of services.