New Name for “V2”

I really think it should be called something besides “V2” I just don’t really think it flows and think it should have something catchy. Super hyped tho on this new app!


Loops/Loop maybe? There was also the idea in one of the logo threads of calling it “Knot”.


check out these topics.

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I do hope it changes before release. V2 isn’t a very brandable name


V 2.0? The revenant? :joy:

Yeah I know

Well it’s rough. V2 goes with the idea of the app, however, it doesn’t flow as well as something like Loop or Knot might.

Idk, Dom and the team are pretty creative so we will see what they come up with. Even if it is just V2, I’m just happy something like Vine is coming back.


I don’t really have a problem with the name “V2” but I am open to seeing the possibility of it being changed. I’m really excited about this app and it’s ‘gamechanger’ potential :slightly_smiling_face:


I think v2 is good


I don’t like how we’d be called v2ers it just sounds weird.


They could call v2 “Loop” and then we creators would be called loopers lmao :sweat_smile:


Vve …

rt for “loop”. It’s short, catchy, and different enough from “vine” to not trip up people


Something with the letter “V” in it would be nice, but it’s hard to find good names for apps that start with V.

“Loop” or “Knot” would tie nicely into the gimmick of the app.

I think something like “Ivy” would relate to the name “Vine”, because they’re both long, green, snakey plants with the letter “v” in them. :thinking: But there’s probably some obscure Ivy League college app called “Ivy” already so idk how that would play out

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I like something with the V too. That’s why - I recommend it to be called -Vve-
You can Vvev a post. So posts have 10 Vves. And we are Vvers.

But I don’t know what you guys like or if Dom is keeping V2 which I doubt.

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Would you pronounce that as “v-v-es” or just buzz for a second like “vvvvvvvvvvvvv-es”

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I think V2 is fine. It’s symbolic of the original app.

The second one. “vvvvvvvvvvvvv-es”

wow that is such a bad joke lol

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V2 works well enough, although there is a strong correlation between that and the name of its predecessor. I like the name V2 for the app, creators are Artists as Dom has states, and loop would be a good name for the videos. V2 as a name kind of pays homage to the original app without having it infringe on copyright stuff.