New Live App: Hype

If I went live on hype, who would join?


I can’t find it in the store, what’s the icon for it?

Here’s what it looks like image


Cool, thanks :smile:

No problem! :slightly_smiling_face:

Tbh no bc I can’t be asked to be making an account when it’s nearly 8pm where I am

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You can do it whenever :joy:

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Are you in?

Yeah, didn’t realize it was quite an old app though

Me either

What is the name of that app? It’s like Twitch?

Kinda, it’s called Hype

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It’s not new… it’s actually been out since last year, it sadly just didn’t do that well. I was on it, around the time it had its public release, my user is breahcaleo, it’s actually really fun. It’s really interactive you can add media (videos, pics, gifs, and music) into your streams, as well as music from your iTunes library… you can also pull comments from views into your streams. It’s real fun, I honestly don’t know why people didn’t flock to it, because it’s different from a lot of other live stream apps.