New layout, thoughts?

Hey guys, been a while since I’ve used the app and recently updated it and saw there is a new layout for the like button and etc., personally (again I’ve already said this) I don’t like it because it is just becoming more like to tiktok but I also liked the other one much more, to me it looked more aesthetically appealing compared to this new one. Anyways, what are y’all thoughts on it?

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I like it and honestly, I don’t understand people saying it “looks like tiktok”, first of all, it’s not just about looking but also about being comfortable to use (previous layout, in my opinion, had big problems with the size and arrangement of icons). Secondly, I compared both layouts myself (byte and tiktok), and in my opinion it doesnt look like tiktok at all, half of the icons are in completely different places and all. But again, just opinion ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I don’t like that now people’s first impressions is that it’s TikTok.

I do think it looks pretty nice though.

It’s kinda boring and bland, the two big black bars at the top and bottom are eh.

Black bars on the top. What do you mean?

I like it also it’s not like TikTok the video making apps I have they all have sort of the same layout with the likes and shares and comments and stuff so I just think it’s the new thing

Latest update has a black bar at the top and bottom. Used to keep the aspect ratio but makes the app feel confined.

I only have a black bar at the bottom, it’s a little weird

@robloaks I don’t like the black bars, I miss the old style where you could see a sliver of the next and previous video. Made it feel like an endless stream of content.

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Actually, that’s the only thing I miss from the old layout lol

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