New layout is a drag

Makes no difference if the content doesn’t look great and people don’t follow channel rules.

Content quality overall has taken a big dip as well.


but that’s not byte as a companies fault. and imo i really like the content that i’m seeing sjsjsjsjajdhajdn. and i agree that they need channel mods


I’m not sure whether you’re agreeing or disagreeing with me overall, or for that matter even talking to me, however I’m not saying the sidebars are identical.Your points illustrate mine in the fact we agree on Byte being unique. Why should the UI be compared to tiktok? Why should they even be similar? And what difference does all those features make if people open the app, see that layout, and think it’s just a clone of tiktok with the buttons switched on the side and leave? Absolutely none.

When the buttons were on the bottom, I was able to convince more people that Byte was worth joining. Now I show people and they say “Just join tiktok”. It’s worse than beta days, where people would say the same thing. But now they look at it visually and even more people say that to me. :disappointed: I gave it a shot I did. That’s why I waited until today to post all that.

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@gr8stoneybaloney is totally on point at the moment with his rant. Layout/cosmetic changes are nice but they aren’t going to keep people on the app. The quality of videos continues to decline, I know I sound like a snob… I’m not trying to, but it’s true. It’s almost all the same. There needs to be real updates to how the camera, etc. works. A camera that doesn’t freeze up, some basic editing tools… I don’t see why so many of us have to keep screaming this into the void.

Here’s the beginning of his rant, and he’s 100% on point imo


I think they did this so when people transfer their tiktoks it looks normal. New design is fine, let’s move on and fix the camera. :heart:


Oh that’s interesting. I hadn’t thought about that use case

Form should follow function. The function of the app is to create and platform short form video content. So the design updates should have come after some decent editing and camera tools. Had that if happened, I may not have made this thread in the first place.

But the point is moot now. I hope they move forward with a decent camera/editing tools.


At this point I’ve seen so many people leave or talk about leaving or taking a break. This is like the byte post apocalypse right now like @Beeshrine was saying to me earlier… after the gen z kids came and went they left a little destruction behind and we are currently living in the after effects of that last wave.

It makes me sad. I don’t know if another wave is gonna happen but if it comes and goes one more time byte will be done for sure.


byte is doing significantly better from a usage perspective than it was a few months ago, so i don’t think that’s true. obviously the future is difficult to predict and we still have a lot of work to do (i agree the camera need a lot of work, it’s a big focus right now), but i wouldn’t discount us so quickly, and definitely not because of another wave, in the unlikely event that it happens :slight_smile:


i also agree the zoomed in posts are unfortunate. we’re working on that. the placement of the buttons are important for other upcoming reasons (which have nothing to do with tiktok) and probably won’t change in the near future unless we can come up with something better that satisfies those requirements, which hasn’t yet been possible in any of the other iterations we’ve tried


Awesome, thank you @dom

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I think baloney is on point in his rant because he’s a overall a fantastic and funny person who cares deeply about the app.

To be more specific with what I was saying with beegenics, I think it’s a very hard time to create on byte because I’m suspicious that the your mix page doesn’t really favor creators who weren’t part of the last wave. Older creators in age or on the app for longer have lost active followers and gained very little from the waves who seem to only be interested in their own content. Maybe a lot of videos aren’t entertaining, but it doesn’t feel like they get shown to a broad enough audience outside the followers we’ve connected with already. The newest wave interacts with each other to such a large volume that it drowns out low interaction posts.

I feel a drought but a lot of people I talk to feel it too which makes me think it isn’t just the quality of what I make.

And I’ll take @dom ‘s word for it if he says camera changes are coming but @gr8stoneybaloney makes a valid point that he has been vocal about editing features on the camera for months and nothing has changed. I know we can’t be entitled as app users and expect timetables for update rollouts but it hasn’t felt like a priority.

Creators currently put a ton of work into learning outside editing tools to make their videos perfect and get very little engagement.

The age group using the app the most is using only the basic features available to make videos that all look exactly the same and it gets tons of engagement.


Leave it to Dom to answer our concerns in a timely manner :slightly_smiling_face: This is forever a reason I’ll have to stay: The staff listen and consider our thoughts even when they aren’t quite in line with theirs


Not the biggest fan of the features overlapping the content at all if its horizontal or vertical tbf. Less is more i guess. :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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@dom the new layout fix that fixes the stretching issue looks great, thanks!

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we’re aware of the issues w/ profile pages w/ that adjustment and will address that as well