New layout is a drag

I run the beta version of the app on my phone. I guess I finally got the new layout update and I loathe it. I’ve said this elsewhere. But it bears repeating that I find it rather disheartening to see things I’ve worked hard to look a certain way be altered, and stretched out. The edges are cut off, images and titles are cut off, it’s just plain ugly. I know this sounds pretentious and high falootin (I’m even rolling my own eyes at myself), but I don’t care: but I’m not trying to make content. I am trying to make art. It’s definitely lowbrow art hahaha. And I’m not trying to elevate myself over anyone, but it’s what I’m (always) trying to do with everything I do. I know the kids are fine with it (they make a different kind of thing for which this format is better suited) and think I am dumb for actually caring about things I put care and effort into looking a certain way not looking the way I intended it. But the forums are here in part for people to voice their dissatisfaction with things, so that’s what I’m doing.

A unique, quaint, fun platform it’s becoming a shallow clone of other platforms and it makes me sad. I say this with love, because despite my distaste for the current layout i still believe that byte is the best game in town for short form video content.


Also, and this is just a tangent, I hate the word ‘content’ as a descriptor for creative endeavors and expression. It feels very soulless to me. I know it’s lack-of-a-better term useage but it grosses me out.


Dude, i had the same experience this morning… i was going to post something in the forum and i saw your post that sums up very well my feelings.

I totally agree with you. What’s the singularity of all this? In an iPhone7, it’s even worse.

So now, what makes Byte special? The loop, that is integrated better than the others… and …


I really don’t dislike the new UI, it doesn’t compare to an app I’ve never used and it’s clean and tidy. Nothing has been compromised on android/my phone but it sounds like they couldn’t be bothered to sort that issue out for iPhone before switching over. Despite it being an issue quite vocalised here. I assume the new UI is across the whole app now, I thought it was being deliberated? I’ve only really seen negative responses to it.


The new design is ok, it’s the next logical step to make the platform easier to use. Two things, one the likes counter is weird when it hits 100k. This could be fixed easily. Two, while viewing white or very bright bytes, the time and other indicators are hard to see. This can be resolved with the old design where you could see the the previous and next video or add a slight gradient to the top.

And yes I should charge my phone :clown_face:

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Mine updated yesterday as well. I haven’t seen any of the bugs ur mentioning but to me it doesn’t really make any difference to my viewing experience so I don’t mind the small change.

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There are still problems with commenting, when I comment it doesn’t appear immediately, i have to close the comment window then reopen

TBH at this point, it doesn’t really matter…
I don’t see how it helps people to “experience” better the app. Same items, but in a different place.

The point is why being forced to apply some UI standards when it’s not necessarily needed?

We should ask the UK drivers to change the position of their steering wheels, because, you know, nobody drives that way…

But, once again, it’s what is inside the box that maybe counts…

UI and good design absolutely matters. You might have a car with a great engine, but if the seat is uncomfortable and the steering wheel is too high then you will be deterred from driving it

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At the end of the day, it is what it is. I’m not trying to be some put upon, tortured artist type dude. I can/will make adjustments in the future. It was a little startling and bit of a bummer to see things I had made to look/fit a certain way stretched out/cut off. Ultimately the byte team is trying to make a better app. :blue_heart::v:t3:


I like some parts of the new UI, but most definitely not the stretching of the video. That’s gotta go

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Just #BringBackMutuals button


Currently byte is running off a weedwacker engine, so let’s give that algorithm an oil change and a performance boost so we actually like the content we see.


Hey…so I have a question from a “friend”, who would like to remain anonymous at this time (it’s not me by the way… I swear…)

They would like to ask what would happen if lets say…idk… they haven’t updated byte in like 3 to 4 months? And the main reason for that is because they wanted to keep that little checkmark bug besides all their bytes…

if they so happen to do this update… for the “new” layout… would they lose their little bug checkmark? :eyes: :worried:


Bug checkmark?

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yes :see_no_evil:

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There was an Android update that made everyone look like they were verified

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I tried to sound like an idiot as much as possible. I’m so sorry guys :pensive:


People have clearly expressed their opinions about the new beta layout, but I’m still going to state mine: I quote the Byte Team Announcements page: Byte app updates (ongoing)
“there are some broad similarities to the tiktok post object, but i want to be clear that we actually ended up here independently (after designing over 20 other options).”

Maybe some people don’t care where the buttons go. Maybe this is a test. But I did not wait all this time for Byte to release to have it look even remotely similar to tiktok.
We did not wait all this time for this. Here’s two reasons the new layout is not a good idea in my opinion:

Reason 1:

  • It does not matter that they designed 20 other options and choose this independently: what matters is the end product.

The User Interface (fancy term for where everything is placed in the app) is a big part of what defines any app. Instagram is different from Facebook how? The button placement and style of both apps are different. The two apps literally are the same concept. When I used Byte before, it was a completely fresh layout on the idea. My point is this: An apps’ identity is with how people engage with it. (That’s the reason community is important as well) What impression would the test interface give someone who has never seen Byte? How can I recommend this app to my friends who use tiktok? Anyone would say “well that’s just like tiktok”, and I’ve already experienced this. If we as a community wanted a tiktok clone, then there are plenty of options in that department. Please don’t take away our unique style I beg of you.

Reason 2:


“once the test is running we’ll be looking at both versions side by side and seeing which, if any, encourages more liking, commenting, sharing, or other type of engagement.”

  • I’m not an expert on anything, but I know there must be other options for encouraging more engagement that doesn’t impact Byte’s image.

If there are 20 other options for layout, and 1 of them looks like tiktok, why can’t they experiment with the 19 that aren’t similar to tiktok? I’m all for engagement, but not at the expense of Byte’s image.

Byte community, I am fearful: Fearful that everything we’ve got that’s unique and cool will mold into something else. Something that is a copy. We set the bar for other apps: vine came first before the competition. Let’s be an individual among a crowd of clones. Let’s have others again follow in our footsteps with an app that’s as equally unique and special as it’s community: one that is clearly 100% fun, 100% us, and 100% Byte. :slightly_smiling_face: If you read all of this, I thank you :heart:


the ting is imo byte is unique in so many other ways, for example we have a lot more profile customization options compared to a lot of apps. we also have dedicated channels which most apps don’t have. and bytes UI for the side bar is similar to tiktok but not the same. it’s smaller and the elements are in different places.