New laptop

So there’s a laptop I really want, but I can’t afford it yet. I’m deciding whether I should keep my MacBook Pro (an older version) until I can buy it or trade it in for the laptop I want. Thoughts?


If it’s better I would trade it.

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It’s the laptop with the touch bar

only buy it if it looks like this
any other laptop? forget about it

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That’s a bit too girly for me :joy:

WTF ahhahahahah

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in that case, my opinion is that you Banach-Tarski your original MacBook, turn it into two MacBooks, sell them both, and buy the new laptop you want. treat yo self babe ur a grownup :sparkles::dollar::moneybag::money_with_wings:


How do I turn it into two?

you divide your MacBook into an infinite number of points, rearrange them through black magic witchcraft, and boom. you have a second laptop.

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Im not a witch though :skull:

dammit, just buy the new laptop

Okay then :joy:

Hey I did that once, it was pretty cool. Magic everywhere, colors, sparks my fingers and body felt so alive but I fail, there was no spark, no color, no magic and my laptop just ended up burned down.

Teach me your ways