New Jordan Toles look!

Hey guys! I had to ask for someone new to help commission the characters I had already done because my last one bailed out of no where. :frowning: so, I got a new one and Jordan Toles just blows my mind ! :’) i thought you all would like to see!

Made by: AnimaSync (Please give her a follow on insta or twitter :’) )


I already wrote an introduction to her but here’s it is again.

Introducing Jordan Toles, the older sibling of the Toles Family. She’s a fighter, she’s brave, and she’s tough. She would much rather try to fight off a 50 foot giant then do anything a normal person would do for fun. She’s known to take down anything and hasn’t lost a fight, and if you remind her if she did, she’d probably fight you.
Even though she’s a tough girl, she has a soft side. For her family she would do anything. Even though she’s not a fan of showing her emotions, she will show enough to her brother and dad. She would do anything to protect them. She rarely shows this side though. You’d have to get on her really good side for that.

I hope you guys like her, I surely do :slight_smile:

I stg if this gets taken down because similar topic :triumph:


Bio of the character makes me think she could be a good fit for something like an adventure time type of story

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What happened to her leg?

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Omg this is brilliant jesus


Thnk you! I’m glad that you like it! :smiley:

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Her legs are slowly falling apart and need to be sewn on by little threads of string…

They could be also ripped jeans.

One or the other.

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Oh you mean why it looks like a nub? The foot is behind her, don’t worry heh

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Youre brilliant, sam.

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You too nick!

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Ahh ok didn’t realize her knee was bent

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Just wanted to show I cared. Have you written a full script for the story for her?

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Ive written 4 full scripts. She’s a main character in them all, and one goes in depth about her and her best friend Aurora’s relationship that im very proud of. Its a long script, but I feel like it’s worth a read :slight_smile: thank you for asking!