New iPhone SE?

Wait :hugs: 2020 might be a year for iPhone new refresher as a new design & look.


Can you not get the screen fixed? I’m not sure what the repair options are in India.

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Yes this year I have heard apple may be back to the more grip able flatter sides design!

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India got too much of tax new iPhones starts from like 1800$ 64GB or the basic one :joy: and the repair goes anywhere from 800-1000$


My source and go to YouTuber :wink:


Ayy I know him personally @Pac


Look he said he doesn’t get invited to Apple events because he always leak :sob: but I watch him and few other YouTubers!

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same here! haha

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I mean it’s affordable, that’s a plus for me. However, as an android user, is it really worth a switch?

Android > iPhone :shushing_face:

Lmao nah, I’d rather not have google own my entire soul. They already have half of it :skull:

It depends. What do you like about your current phone?

Yet the real question is should I (or most android users for that manner) switch my current OS. I’m more comfortable being an android user, and I’m always hungry for alternatives. So, is it worth the switch?

It depends.
Anybody who tells you that either platform fits 100% of people better than the other is lying to you.

If you prefer customization, Android is the best choice. If you prefer security and ease, Apple is the best choice.

It also depends on what you’re looking for out of a smart phone. Everybody uses their device for different reasons.

Well, is nothing special. I got me one of those budget pre-paid phones, so there’s nothing in it I like.

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You’ll likely have a better camera for recording bytes with the iPhone SE than you’d get with cost equivalent androids.
Battery life would likely be better.
Obviously, access to Apple ecosystem things.

And if you’re not bothered about customization, the setup comes easy.
You get imovie free too, so ease of editing.

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You know what; I look into it more when I have a chance. Thanks for the advice.

Update 4/21: I’ve continued being an android user. I’ve been doing some research and I’ve found some great phones that may be better than IOS. One thing that caught my eye is the Galaxy S10 series. Without going into details, they have a great camera where you can smooth camera movements and use different camera lenses. Even if you’re not a professional. Here’s a link to learn more:

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Yo where was this chat earlier lol, I love tech talk. I currently have XS plus, but seeing this was a disappointment. The SE is just an alternate iPhone 8 as was mentioned before, it’s a step up from the 8 but I wouldn’t move from an XR to the SE 2

Well, it doesn’t look bad at all. Even iPhone 6 looks contemporary being 6 or 7 years old. If talking about design, Apple is the best in its class. And the new SE is the perfect solution for those, that want a new phone which doesn’t cost like a kidney, is pretty powerful, and has a pretty cool design. In 2 words it is the perfect phone for me. I’ve bought it on its release, but unfortunately, I had it only 2 months because I dropped it from the second floor and it passed out. Happily, I found some guys from, and they helped me sell it easily, with almost the same amount of money which I gave for it.

iPhone SE is so awesome but I still use my old iPhone X from Mobile it all looks good. I’m biggest fan of Apple Computer since 2007 to 2020.