New instagram

Ok because I don’t necessarily want my friends to find my v2 account (at first at least) so I don’t really want to associate my private ig with v2 so I made a new insta with my name here (ella isn’t actually what I go by in real life, it’s a nickname from my real name that I use online to keep my privacy) but yeah if you guys want to follow my brand new account it’s @ella.mercedes so yeah hmu :slight_smile:

Will you use your “stage/fake” name on V2?

yeah probably, and when I start youtube it will be that too. I mean if I ever get big I’d probably reveal my name but for now i’m gonna keep it as is (and it’s not completely made up, it’s about 75% my real name)

So i take it youre going to post your face?

yeah definitely, I’m not gonna be that secretive haha just a small “road block” I guess so that people I know won’t immediately know it’s me. I’m not gonna go all Hannah Montana on you lol

Hey dont diss Hannah Montana lol. My friend has the same idea as you except shes going to show her name but not her face

Hi! Follow me on Instagram <3 Thank you!! XOXO

Heyy follow me on insta: @lil_cloutty

Add me rrra.m !!

ok, this is just a guess, but is your name Zoella? It’s the name of a youtuber I’ve heard of before

haha no but I love her so much!! she’s one of my faves, I wish I was her lol

Add me on my new insta @zaia.b_04

Follow me on instagram @abdii_sm

from germany


@dayziaross instagram

Heyy everyone add me on insta too - katecon25