New Idea: Responding to Bytes with Bytes

So @BJerraji was talking about unique features that would help Byte stand out from other apps, and it got me thinking. What if users could respond to a byte with their own byte?

The idea is that if a user likes someone’s byte enough, they can take that 6 second byte and add their own 6 seconds to it, making it become a 12 second looping video.


  • Smaller creators can respond to popular videos to have their own videos seen by more people.
  • Larger creators get their videos seen by more people.
  • It would be like a rebyte that involves more work.
  • It will create more engagement between users, which makes for a closer community.
  • The creative ideas that will come out of it. Such as continuing a video to add a plot twist.
  • This is the most important point in my opinion. It creates the potential for memes and templates (especially if the responding user can use ghost mode for the video they’re responding to). As we know, everyone has fun with memes, and they have the potential to become popular outside of the app, which will draw more users towards Byte.


  • Some videos will be longer than 6 seconds.
  • It might start reaction videos, which not everyone will like.

I would propose that these videos should have a special symbol that lets you know it’s a response video while you’re scrolling. Users have the option to hide response videos from their feed altogether, or on a per person basis. All likes, rebytes and loops to the response video automatically go toward the original video too. Both user’s profiles will appear on the bottom of the byte so that they both get credit. The original creator has the option to turn off responses to their byte if they wish.

I know 12 second videos sounds radical. But it would really only be 2, 6 second videos in a 12 second loop. For those of you who are still against that. There is also the idea of keeping the two videos separate, but have them appear one after another in the feed so that you see the origin video first, and the response video second.

This is just an idea I had on a whim. But the more I think about it the more I like it. Let me know what you guys think!


this sounds like an awesome idea, although I have no clue how it would look like in the comments section :thinking: It would be pretty cool! it would make collabs pretty easy, such as someone being like, “send me questions, ill respond with a random funny vid!” or “I’ve dropped this water bottle, let’s see how far down it goes!”. It would make for an interesting feature! :grin: Not sure how it exactly it would turn out, but tapping to pause/unpause the videos would make scrolling through the comments pretty easy :thinking:


Exactly! There are so many creative things we could do with it.

I would say, comments for the origin video and for the response video should be separate, because the response video could change the topic entirely.


Orange went above and beyond. I loved how you pointed out the pros & cons. Not many do, but I want to see how this will be implemented.

Smaller creators matter since it’ll help leverage their content, but for me who has a low attention span hates longer chain :triumph::tired_face:

Stan Orange :tangerine: for clear skin


I think this is a dope idea but instead of making it a 6 second loop, just listing the byte replies to be able be looked through instead so the original creator and the replies loops are still separate. I think keeping it separately counted would lessen abuse of the replying bytes. For example ; people replying to popular bytes with anything just to boost themselves. Also the idea to turn off responses is great, leaving it optional to the creator.


Thank you!

Yeah that’s what I like so much about it. If the video starts off with a popular creator, people are more likely to watch it. By doing this and then the video transitioning to a smaller creator, they will gain more recognition.

This way everyone is happy and people are more likely to continue using the app.


This sounds like a pretty neat idea! This remind me of a video that @AustinHarris originally made, and then five other creators (one of them being me) just kept adding onto it :joy:

Here’s what it looks like when it came to me (I had to edit the originals to fit the time-constraint and I mentioned all the other creators in the description):


Love it #bytefam


Glad we’re Making progress as a community :heart:


but if you can respond to byte using a byte, why not have the option to view a “byte thread”? theres an indicator that it’s part of a thread and if you click it you will see the byte reply and replies after that