New folks/old folks looking for critique?

Fascinating channel idea.
Maybe you could have like- guest hosts or something?
I personally would prefer to see the text more centered on the posts, but that’s just a me thing I think!

That’s really interesting because I thought on average face video creators tend to do better than no-face video creators since there’s someone to relate to and feel like you’re making a friend rather than just appreciating art

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I guess it depends on the type of content. Like, my Face is not soothing/relaxing like a waterfall is, and I’ve heard that I don’t really look how I sound?

My face content is also generally “comedic”- which is more saturated- so my face “stands out less” I guess.

My guess is your followers expect the soothing nature stuff. If you consistently did face talking at the camera stuff then your follower base would be different and expect that kind of content from you

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Thanks for your review. Sorry for the late response I took a break from byte for a few days.

Im curious to know what your idea is with having guest hosts. May I get a further explanation on that? I’m not sure how that would be done exactly.

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tyvm~ I’ll get on it

PS My videos do range from ones that I put some effort into as I make them and ones that I just make/film on the spot. However, I do wish to improve my content and make it funnier in a way, but I haven’t asked for tips/criticism about that until now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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