New folks/old folks looking for critique?

If you’re somebody who’s looking for constructive criticism/critique on your account, drop your username and I’ll try and look at a few accounts a day if y’all want.
Just as a heads up, if your content is simply in a content which isn’t in my field of interest, I’ll still try and look and give you my best opinion.


Hey, I think most people enjoy my tarot/divination/magic content but I don’t want to box myself. Thank you in advance.




Hey. That’s super nice of you. My username is Ian_Turner


I’m an account who loves MMA and I’m trying to be the main content for funny and cringe MMA moments on the app. Anyone who likes funny videos is welcomed.

Greguh, I try to do comedy but I think I need to improve on what to do

You’ve got a great “presence”. Like I feel like you’re talking to me directly, especially in your reading videos. The little personal anecdotes, like about the dude you dated who was a vampire? They’re amusing, and will probably help your audience connect to you.
It feels very much like a conversation with a friend.

I can’t think of any particular feedback which would improve your content- good job!

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IMO, you do a pretty good job of providing “relatable” humour in a manner which means that, even if the joke is something I’ve heard before, I’m not bored by it. The sibling video (the one where they’re trying to peek) definitely got a chuckle from me.
A super nit picky tiny thing is that there’s a couple of videos where your lovely hair is cut off from frame a little bit- like just the end of some curls- and personally, I like a “smoother” framing. Sometimes audio is a tiny bit quiet, but these are really like. Tiny tiny things.

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Your editing seems to be pretty good- the breakfast apple video shows this.
As an old AF millennial, some of the humour I just didn’t understand, so I can’t give feedback either way- the video where you’re all “what are you doing in there? Come on, get out!” did make me laugh, although I couldn’t quite tell you why?
I hope your hand and knee has healed up from your exercising.

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The collab you did with Kaden reminds me of the episode of gravity falls where the brother duplicated himself accidentally.
Your thyme plant is a babe- I love the name, and the alternative angles you filmed them with.
Your “I panicked and put some food in a pot” song is a tune and very relatable, 10/10 would purchase on iTunes.
I think your news bytes is a cool little series!

If anything, I would like you to speak a little louder in your videos, as I had to turn my audio way up to hear you!

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Thank you will work on that

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Thank you for your feedback :blush:



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Idk my content is mostly just for me so I think I get low engagement because of that😹

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When I post my face I get half the likes my nature posts do I FEEL you

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Constructive Criticism is most certainly welcomed.

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Hey! I’m not somebody who watches MMA, so my feedback is limited on my very basic knowledge.
Some of the framing and filming of the videos you pulled from were really jumpy, which made it hard to read the text overlay, but that’s not really something you can control.
In terms of the humor, I don’t have a way to relate.

Sorry my feedback isn’t very helpful here!

I think your comedic timing is pretty spot on.
Your deodorant/toothpaste video made me angry amused, which I think it what you were going for.
If we’re being super nit picky, you could add a little more inflection to your voice but outside of that-

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