NEW Flo video. Best Twitter Meltdown

BEST Twitter meltdown EVER

Hey guys, a few days ago this dude on Twitter had THE BEST Twitter meltdown of all time.

The account has been suspended but luckily I managed to screenshot everything. Let me know what you think!

Video on Byte coming soon!


Great content !

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He’s a twat. James did nothing wrong.


You surprise me :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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saw this on drama alert and had to watch it again
twas hilarious

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thanks Austin!

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Nice video sister Flo

true that. chance he’s a troll tho

Keep on spilling some tea sister (lol this post issa joke I’m sorry lmao)

It seems that you are shishtar educated!

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i hope in a good way :joy:

the whole situation made me laugh

here before a million subs💯

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