New Features in v2 (educated guesses)

watsup everybody?

Just wanted to throw out some ideas I have for v2 functions based on some snooping i’ve done.


— the OG vine team was notorious for leaving little easter eggs before big updates. i remember they got particularly cryptic when they first introduced light balance features and VMs. this was around the era when Jason Mante was the editor and after @dom had left (not 100% sure on the timeline but i’m pretty sure that’s right). based on this, i think it’s safe to assume that @dom’s little short videos he’s been posting on twitter are shot within the vine camera or maybe even the v2 beta. dom is a sentimental guy from what i can tell, so we’ll surely see a return of the old video format.


dom loves to innovate. i believe they wanted Vine to be a live-streaming app - or at least a fresher more actively updated app - before Periscope was bought by Twitter but that Twitter wouldn’t allow them to develop new tech independently. that’s maybe part of why dom dipped out so quickly. my prediction is that he wants to bring VR and/or AR into whatever v2 becomes.


dom is trying to fix one of the key problems most social media platforms face: ignoring their users and updating the wrong things. by branding itself as the lone indie social media platform in a sea of capitalist social media conglomerates like Facebook and Twitter, v2 may finally be the platform that allows its audience to actively fix the app via community feedback. It’s frankly the most promising thing about v2. for example, Vine didn’t even let you rearrange viners’ feeds by popularity of chronology until just before the app went under. That’s inexcusably lazy. With the new culture he’s trying to cultivate here, dom might finally deliver a social media app that is truly transparent.

that’s all i got for now ! what do you guys think is gonna happen?


Those are some nice guesses! Here are some other guesses/idea made by others! Check them out :slight_smile:


This is beautiful! I did notice how his mini vids on Twitter looked like him testing

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i feel like there will be more opportunities for communication on v2 than there was on vine. the forum system kind of hints at it imo.

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seems like some legit good guesses. can’t wait to find out frreal!!

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