New Features/Ideas!

That title needs more exclamation points lol
G’morning Byte Fam! Here are some ideas & feature requests that I have:

  1. Drafts.

    Vine had this feature and it would come in pretty handy on Byte, but i’m sure byte team already working on implementing it :slight_smile:

  2. Links to another byte video in byte video.

    The old byte had this feature, where you would click on a specific area you placed and it would direct you to another page. This was how I made those “Choose your own adventure bytes.” on the OG byte tool :upside_down_face::wink: So yeah, being able to place a link on a specific spot on the byte video to lead to another video. :thinking: catch my drift?

  3. Rebyte notifications.

    I know, I know, I’m sorry I know this has been mentioned several times but yeah this. Maybe have an option to turn off certain people’s rebyte notifications because some of us like to rebyte a lot. ahem me sometimes* lolz

  4. All text on screen fades when video plays.

    This is actually @tomwho’s idea ! Like if a Byte starts playing, the captions, heart and comment thingy fades away so it’s only the video playing. Pretty neat idea Tom!

  5. Sound effects !!!

    So now there’s byte beats, but It’d be really cool to add the option to add sound effects too like punching sounds, video game sounds (Mario coin, Sonic rings etc.) and maybe sounds from memes¿
    Also be able to edit that sound in a specific time in the byte, like with the text caption thing.

  6. Kathy Bates
    From Misery.

  7. Favorites tab/folder.

    The ability to save someone’s byte video into a specific folder or tab! There’s a lot of bytes I love to go back to and watch or share on my IG but I have to search for it for so long looking through my liked posts/rebytes. I even forget where or who made the byte so this feature would come in clutch.

  8. New Profile colors!

    It’s not… reaaally that important but it’s y’know, something, new colors new looks :sweat_smile: and byte team probably already planning.

  9. Filters !!

    Okay, don’t flame me, we’re not copying TikTok okay :expressionless: But it’d be a cool feature to add, like black and white, etc. Maybe even color grading :man_shrugging:t4:

  10. Links to other social media in bio.

    Yeah, the title pretty much sums it up lol. Instagram/Twitter link, directs you there easily.

  11. Music maker!!!

    Dom actually posted a video about it, and I think that’d be fun to bring back and might draw more people in to get on byte just for that. Jk, but definitely a good idea, so Dom if you see this please go through with it :pleading_face::point_right:t4::point_left:t4:

And that’s pretty much it, well actually I know I had some more ideas but It’s 6:47 am here in my time and I haven’t slept yet. My sleep schedule is so messed up (thanks a lot COVID) Probably will edit it in later on. Anyways, CONGRATS AGAIN TO PARTNERS! :white_heart:


LOL #6 tho :joy:


Lmao I had to :joy:


petition for first Byte filter to be Kathy Bates from Misery themed


LMAO I second this :joy::joy::joy:


:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: Everything here is just good. I personally don’t need all of it but there are creators that could benefit from your idea! Btw, knowing in app notifications for Byte while actually using the Byte app would be another thing I’d throw up there


let me just bump! this up real quick :skull:

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Thank you! & Yeah true, not all these are really essential but would attract more people to want to use the app more, instead of having to rely on TikTok


I really like the #2 idea, no not poop #2 we are talking about @gemikun 's ideas dang it
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Links to other Byte videos not only would be super cool and it would be a great way to credit someone who started a hashtag by linking the orginal video for the tag. Also for reaction Bytes for example you’d be like " What in the world did i just see" and have your hand out looking like your holding the link to the video.


Wow didn’t think of that but yes that’s another perfect example !!!


I agree with point number 4, as I see many videos that have text that you can’t see all that well thanks to the caption and bottom info.

Also, concerning point 11, @dom you should revive the emoji tunes app imo. It’s so underrated even though it’s an awesome app. :sweat_smile:


I am still waiting for most of these anytime soon! They would be helpful in so many ways!

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1,3,7,9 for sure and maybe 5 too don’t quote me on that, have already been asked (and tbh I want these too so I appreciate the bump lol)

2 and 4 yes, yes and YES especially 4. Maybe something like once you read the caption you can tap it so it leaves or something idk just thinking out loud.


8 I’m sure more will come along with more icon colours (It would be cool If we could have a colour wheel and pick both primary and secondary colour ourselves)

11 I really like this too


what rhymes with Forrest Gump… bump!




There should be a way to message people on the app!

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Dom and the team said that they were working on it, but want to make sure that it would be a safe environment first. DMs should be on their way soon!


Great to hear !

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I like all of the above, if I may, what we really need, in my opinion, are three things:

1 Direct Messaging (This is a social media INTERACTIVE app, DM is a must)
2 More Filters (I am confident Dom and the Byte Team have something special)
3 Profile Configuration (Social Media Tabs, and more sophisticated looking profile)

More features to come, but if we can get these down, we are good for this year.

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Yess! Very much needed, can’t wait for future updates :raised_hands:t4::fire: