New feature question: Who has it?

The app store showed a new feature: “certain platform usernames will be linked in profiles”

I saw a couple of Byters that have done this already, but I’m trying to figure out HOW to do it? Can someone gimme a hand?


twitter: username
instagram: username
snapchat: username
tiktok: username

these are the 4 I know of that work

I think some people even say you can use “tw” and “ig”


Insta also works


here ya go
(it was posted in #beta-discussion)


Thank you! I couldn’t find this. I was also half asleep :rofl:


we need yt, discord and github


no prob! :blep: it wouldn’t have shown up for you anyway bc you’re not in the beta tester group on here

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Wait, but why tho? I’m beta on the app. How do I join the beta tester group?

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it’s bc the people from the first 3 beta phases (who signed up on here) were automatically added by the byte staff. after that, it had/has to be manually done by the forum mods! id suggest asking one of them to add you to it, but show proof that you’re in the beta :grin:


Lol GitHub

Where is fb? :crying_cat_face:

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e w :nauseated_face:

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I have that on my profile but it doesn’t work how do I get to work I am in the beta program via Google play

you FR LOL I didn’t know i could do that lol I’m gonna ask one!

How Do I get it to work?:heart:

Never mind I have it now thanks♥️

whats so funny about github?

It’s just not social media. It’s a pretty niche request. Byte doesn’t really have anything to do with software developer so it doesn’t seem appropriate.

It’s funny you say that given the name of the app.