New currents for byte

In order to raise the Byte again, there is a need for new currents to come out of Byte.
Although people criticize many things, they actually like what they criticize and want to do it. It would be great if there were movements, dances, lyrics or short songs in Byte to create a flow. These currents would be Byte’s best advertisement. If we want our main and real contents to attract attention, first of all, we need striking and interesting trends. Especially during the Coronavirus period, this tactic works very well. The world is becoming more and more a single big village. Many issues are common. For example, the new trends initiated by people who were bored at home during the quarantine days soon swept the whole world. Like bouncing the roll, opening the lid with a kick and a coke. It has become Tiktok’s ad, albeit simple and stupid. For the byte, a higher quality stream can be started.

Several pioneers are needed for these trends. I can not speak exactly either. Even though the phenomena in various parts of the world are in Byte, their mass is not in byte yet.


there’s day


This current period is the perfect time to be a pioneer :3

Good luck everyone!