New Community, New Directions, New Ideas

I’ve been on a semi-hiatus, but I have examined almost everything that has transpired since I took a step away a few weeks ago. I have come to the conclusion that since communities are living things, they always grow and change, it might be necessary to make a change along with it in order to preserve the value I found in the community in the first place.

I am considering starting a curated subreddit dedicated to discussions on video making, editing, animation, technical and creative concerns, and collaboration. I also want to use this proposed platform for dedicated in depth discussion about the app itself. In other words, it will be the digital coffee shop for creative collaborators in the middle of digital bohemia.

I am just one person, with lots of responsibilities and obligations. I can’t build this on my own. I seek the assistance of interested individuals in building this new place from the ground up.

Please let me know if something like this interests you. It would be a delight to see such a platform come to fruition!



There’s already a byte subreddit though?


I originally sharednyour concerns. However, the byte subreddit seems to be used for self promotion. Id like to see something more interactive and collaborative.


Well actually I was told not to self promote on the byte subreddit once. So they must have double standards I guess.

I like the idea of space with the stated purpose of focusing on creative ideas, technical exploration and collabs. I quit going on Reddit a while back mainly because I am curating the digital spaces I inhabit with the aim of keeping things focused and to a minimum. Byte is the only social media I use. That said–if you got this going I would 100% commit to being a part of it.


spend more time working and trying to shape this community into one that upholds good and moral values and less time trying to distance yourself and create a facade

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