New channels

Guys wotcha think about new channels like “vine” channel (you’ll be able to upload only 6 seconds videos) and “art” (you’ll be able to upload your arts like drawing photo edition and other) channel.

I wrote report for those but byte didn’t hit me up yet.

I think this will be so good and what do you think?:blush:


Hi! Art goes under the /madebyhand channel. As for a “vine” channel, I doubt they will do it as any of those vids could be placed in one of the existing channels. Byte doesn’t stop anyone from making 6 second vids, it just gives the opportunity to make them longer. Plus I think if there’s a “vine” channel, it’ll be flooded with posts of old vines. It could work in the future if there is more users on Byte and its something people request :innocent:


I like the vine channel idea. I’m pretty sure art is /madebyhand

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I dig the #Vine channel, I think it’s dope, there are a lot of us who miss vine so much!

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