New challenges?

Hey guys! I haven’t been spending a lot of time on the forums lately, so I apologize if this has already been brought up, but I’ve been thinking it might be really smart and fun to have new featured challenges put out by the Byte team, similar to byte fighter. It’s a great way for people to come up with content who may be too nervous or byte-blocked to come up with a stand-alone idea. I’ve also been noticing several youngins ask about trends and trying to make their own, and I think if we can see consistent challenges that the culture gap between millennial and gen z will shrink a bit and new connections will be made. I don’t want to lose any new users!


Kevin I so agree with you. It would be awesome to create fun and unique challenges for people to get the mind working.

Also as far as content goes. This is my opinion. Make literally whatever you want. As long as it fits community guidelines and you are feeling it. Go with it.

Also if anyone wants help, to bounce ideas around, technical advice, advice on how to convey emotion, deliver a joke properly, literally most anything involving creating content, hit me up.

Wow what a run on sentence that was :joy:


Yep. Yes to this. Now is the time!


It’s a great idea. Strike while the iron is hot. This is basic stuff tbh


Good idea, don’t forget @LNBB hosts a weekly hashtag contest in the meantime


If anything, those got me more likes than ever up to that point and it will keep people engaged and hungry!


Social Media 101


You ever just…

Go on your computer and look up George Cloney’s vines for hashtag inspiration? Do you even know who that is? You don’t? That’s a shame. He was a hashtag GOD.

#LOLActing (Matt Post tag)

It can be literally anything… In fact… pick a random word and put ‘LateNight’ in front of it. Post the video late at night and now you have a hashtag. Why overthink it?


We have a contest going on right now that pays CASH MONEY #loopforginger why isn’t that up there? It’s a NO BRAINER!! :no_entry_sign: :brain:


I do agree BUT… first there should be some kind of moderation applies. If you remember, those categories would get spammed with all sorts of irrelevant content, and now we are seeing the same thing with the featured hashtags. I don’t think it will have any effect on community building or gap bridging if it’s just full of spam content

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still would love to see this come back :heart_eyes:


Yeah the hashtags came crack but now it’s all clout chasing lol

Ya byte creators really need to pick up the slack and the byte team really needs to pick usable hashtags

For example what is


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Inappropriate use of hashtags really be whack


I feel like the team kind of overcorrected a bit when it comes to channels and moderation.

I never thought there didn’t need to be any moderation.

I just didn’t like the “no /channel for you!” vibe that quickly developed.

I’d much rather see the curator vibe over Channel Enforcer.

If something is blatantly NOT at all related to the channel, nuke it (nicely), move it to /general with an explanation as to why. Maybe even give the opportunity to reclassify it one time only, to another suggested channel?

If something is debatable, either leave it alone, or put it in limbo where only the curator and the creator (see how well that flows :wink:) can see it and the creator can appeal or explain why it qualifies.

Most importantly, it’s the channel curators role to search byte and find great bytes to add to their channel.

This nicely gets around the whole, “but I want to post on /____ and /&) and /48;!;8;& !!!”

Trust me, I get it, it’s really hard to figure out what channel to post stuff on. It’s frustrating and leads to over analyzing your stuff.

But if I knew there was a chance my stuff could get spotlighted in another channel? It takes all that angst out.

If you squint just right, @dom and the team are doing this already when they launch a new channel. As soon as the channel launches, it has content that was curated and pre loaded on.

And maybe, just to prevent the whole “unlimited power!” thing, curators can only serve for a week or a month? Using @TheLNBB as an example, the chosen channel curator gets their set time period, they can pick one new spotlight byte, and add popular bytes from other channels over to their curated channel. They also have the ability to either mega flag inappropriate bytes to limbo, or can actually remove them.

At the end of the time period, they hand the keys of the channel over to the winner for the next week.

@dom and the permanent mods would keep the master key, and can override any debatable behavior or choices by the curator.

I’d be all for curated hashtags using this same method tbh.

@The_Ginger and LNBB are great examples of what I’m hoping to see.

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Hi Kevin, I think this is a great idea, especially as a way of bridging the gap between generations, and also as a way to encourage users when they don’t know what to create. I have enjoyed the Late Night Byte Brigade challenges, so even if there is not a series of challenges hosted by Byte, perhaps separate accounts can be created to host these challenges.