New byte update a bit buggy

So navigation has been buggy and now i finally got kicked out of the app


Came here to start this topic aswell, the app freezes for about 30 secs then crashes me out


I’m in the same boat. I can view the channels for a few seconds, and then get a hard lock until I force close.

I took a screen recording here:

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we’re looking into this now


Thank you Dom! :smiley::pray:


Hello, thanks for the reports! We’re rolling out v1.2.1 now that should fix this up :slight_smile: Keep an eye out, and please let us know if you run into anything else!


Yessss you all are amazing :pray::fire:


For some reason my phone isn’t updating the new beta? I’m a tester and I even tried re downloading the app and going back to test flight and downloading it that way? I see no changes

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it seems for iOS its coming out in waves

I just updated about 20min ago and am experiencing the same issues. I’ll keep an eye out for the patch :call_me_hand:


Where’s the latest videos button?

Under Spotlight, my friend. You can toggle between “Popular” and “New!” And it looks like they did away with the Latest button in terms of all of Byte, as the focus is now going towards community channels you are a part of.

I love that this has Rules now and it’s to wear you make sure you have to ask for permission to do something on someone else Byte because because could easily do what they want without asking

However, my previous updated version last month shows the latest button so I can follow my followers on my tablet than the newest update by removing the latest button.

So @RayRayLego asked me Byte staffs removed the latest buttons and focus on proposing new channels. I re-made the latest button below to “New & Trending” button and above to some rename channels to show users can follow very small creators and like new videos like @MikeFaria and RickyAnimoji. Don’t be disappointed to @dom.

Here’s the full image in the newest update including the latest button I re-made. They initially removed the latest button.

Hey @RayRayLego, the latest button is back LOL along with /other channel


3 months later, the latest button was removed again after Cami decided it would not renew partner program amid more users on Byte. The latest button will have an update after Spotlight and Trending and the comeback feature will have “see more” as well as new videos of the single vertical video.