New Byte poll

Yeah, it was like this but a lot uglier. #androidgang :pensive:

I honestly want to say, No. Looking through my notifs I’ve had since this morning I can’t find it.

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Nah, if you look at the poll results you’ll see it’s not just the beta testers

“make it more like TikTok” :neutral_face:

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One of the other options was “kick off all the old people”

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I think it only pops up if you post a video ?
That’s when I saw it anyway, nowt in my notification or emails

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hey all, there’s about 75,000 votes on this right now. many, many new people don’t make it to the forum and that’s okay. we’re aware not all of these requests are new and they’ve been brought up for some time, but someone who just joined the app doesn’t know that. engaging and responding to feedback is one of the major differences we have and doing a poll inside the app is a great way to show that

it also it helps us get more insight when we’re thinking about and discussing priorities, because not everything can be built at once, nor does it absolutely mean we’ll build it


Am I the only one opposed to byte audios? I feel like that should stay on tiktok and byte would be all “original sound”

But idk byte might pull it off and I’d change my opinion in the future :face_with_monocle:


Me too! I’m okay with songs but audio taken from others removes the creativity bit for me.


I’m all for taking a few features popularized on tiktok.
The whole purpose of byte was for it to have its own niche, and there’s no reason that can’t be true whilst having some aspects of other applications, such as vine or tiktok

Dom, please forgive me, but, you haven’t really been doing this at all for the past few months, which is why some of us who’ve been begging for more communication and engagement from you and the byte team for the past few months are not feeling all tingly right now. Please make this right and get someone on board who does want to communicate with beta testers and the community and partners, because this is crucial if you want this app to not just survive, but thrive. Thank you.


I agree with Tom, COMMUNICATION is super important.

We all know you are super busy, but not being able to communicate with the community is a big no-no, you can hire someone who can be the main communicator between the Byte Team and the creators.

We feel like we are being ignored.

We are the creators, and Byte can not thrive if the creators leave, and we will leave if we feel like what we do for Byte is being ignored and not appreciated…

We know FOR A FACT you don’t want to ignore us. We know you care about us, but if you don’t communicate with us when we are trying to, then we will feel like we are not part of this journey.


I honestly thought the Byte team just abandoned the project. I am not even super active but I visit the forums every now and then and saw no recent updates on the app. They even teased profile blocks like over a year ago and still nothing. Most things on the poll if not everything we’ve been requesting for so long. Kinda sad.


Sorry for the direct reply, I normally don’t do this. But I really hope some of these things are never implemented, because there are things on this list that would make byte just a copy of tiktok and nothing more.

A couple years back, the message about this app was “we are going to be our own thing, not tiktok 2.0”. Has that changed? Will people be able to do duets, which is something the creative team always said was not something they wanted? Will people be able to rip sound off of bytes, killing Creativity in it’s entirety?


this !!!
i am very concerned for the tiktok features that will be abused if they are added. the tiktokers should accept that this is byte and not tiktok, and if they want to “duet” or put audio over their videos, then they can use a simple free video editing app to create it (a plus is you learn a new skill to edit AND its much more fun to make it yourself) i did exactly that for my memes on vine and byte.