New bug with current update and old bug that’s been around a while

Just reporting my 2 most inconvenient issues.

  1. In the newest update I keep getting stuck in the comments. I am unable to click the back button, the video itself to drop down the comment section, or exit to any menu. I have to close the app after viewing comments in many cases

  2. A bug that has persisted for some time for me on iPhone 8. When I make a video and go to the preview screen to see how it looks, and then return to the byte camera, my screen freezes and I can no longer record. The only way to fix this is to click the “add a sound” button, close the menu, and the camera will unfreeze

Thanks byte team


Both of these issues keep having to me, as well. Issue #1 is something I just started noticing this morning, and #2 has existed for some time now.

Not sure if this is related to #2, but when I go to save my upload to use it as a draft or inserted clip within the byte I’m making, I’m unable to continue to record. I have this happen when I go to the “add caption” upload screen

for issue #1, what kind of phone?

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also confirming #1 is on the latest app store update and not the latest beta

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the app store update was actually ahead of beta on this issue. just put out another beta that should fix #1. we’re aware of #2 and are working on a fix. should come through some time in v0.6



I’m on iphone8 for all issues and thanks for pushing the beta fix