New apps for 2020

What are some new social media platforms in 2020 that could become big ?

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There’s one I’m thinking of that begins with a “B”

And it ends with…‘Y-T-E’



zoom lol



Check out Tangi - it’s Google’s short form video platform that essentially like Pinterest in video format.

Reels is instagram short form video format that is regional tested in Brazil (I think)

Facebook got one that’s called Lasso / it’s their short form video competitor to TikTok - here’s a little interesting fact : did u know that Facebook try to buy but Alex Zu decided to be purchased by ByteDance?

So check those out as well as stay active on Byte :blush:

Thanks I’ll be sure to check it out :heart:

This or something similar

I wish Zoom & Chill exist :pleading_face: