New app name idea! - VIBE

we need our vibe back on for the 2.0


I don’t know, I feel like the name is nice but the sound of it doesn’t catch on. e.g. Check out my vibes. I feel like it clashes with the actual word but good idea

It’s actually really good.

It works PERFECTLY, even better than the previous word. We just got used to saying the word of a plant to mean a video lol, we will get used to calling vibe videos - vibes real quick :slight_smile:

Hmm I wanna do a poll on like twitter and see. I’ve asked friends and stuff but they’ve all said it was too cheesy and sounds more like a music app but thats just my opinion

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Also, it sounds to similar to Viber and there is a company under the name vibe already ( There is also a magazine too which I didn’t even know about. V2 sounds okay when referencing it but the name is boring. I think it should be different, doesn’t even have to start with V

I don’t know. I’m willing to bet that before Vine there were tons of things already called Vine, other apps even. But Vine took over the name. Before Vice there were obviously tons of companies and products called Vice throughout history, but the Vice we know today became the most popular. Amazon took the freaking name of the Amazon rain-forest lmao. Windows took the name… WINDOWS. Apple is named after a friggin APPLE. There were tons of companies called Apple before Apple. Vibe is not a household company name, we can use Vibe.

Fair point but I just think it sounds cheesy also if people start calling themselves Vibers, wouldn’t that lead to some copyright

I highly disagree. What name do you think is better? Twig? scoff :stuck_out_tongue:

What? I literally put a tongue sticking out face lmao. That indicates me joking and being light-hearted.

I see where you’re coming from, but I believe @MrBigNoodle was just trying to joke around. Sorry if you got offended tho :expressionless: But don’t forget that tolerance can really help a community out!! anyway, thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really like it! It sounds way better than V2. But the logo you made could have been improved a little, so I made one with a Vine-like font! VIBE


WOW! That looks awesome!

yh sorry i was already triggered before I can see he was joking :slight_smile: @MrBigNoodle sorry dude :wink:


I’m literally triggered 24 hours a day lol No hard feelings :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the better names I have seen :slight_smile:

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aw rip 8char

I’m totally for this name. Great idea. :+1::clap::clap:

I just laughed soooooo hard :joy::joy::joy: