New app called Vero?

Any of you know of vero?
Not to sure of it. Looks fancy tbh. Think its a hyped up instergram.


this is the first I’ve heard of it lol

It’d be great if it would work properly. The servers are super glitchy because of the influx of people, or so they say. Not sure why you’d develop a social media app and not prepare the servers for the possibility of a large influx of people.

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Yeh ive noticed this spendng a little time with it.

I decided to use it since it was new, but in all honesty it’s nothing special for now. There’s always a possibility of it blowing up so taking the initiative and trying to get popular there might help out the careers of the people that want to be social media influencers. Since it has little users, pumping content for Vero will automatically recommend you to a wider audience that’s just getting there.
I mean I had no idea who the first people I followed where, but thanks to that they manage to reach me a “new audience”.

There’s a similar topic:

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Veronica, I remembered a series called “The 100”

Looks like they’re giving Instagram a run for their money haha. :joy:

I actually downloaded it & it took so long to log in :expressionless:

there was some feud regarding this app and its TOS, not sure exactly why, but I remember seeing it

also unsure why it needs a payment method when i try and download it.

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Lmfao seriously? That’s ridiculous.

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I heard of it a week ago, I downloaded it and it seems nice idk I like it hahah