New app: Buclr [Final stages] [Updated]

I wanted to do something like this since the announcement of the shut down of Vine by Twitter, but Dom said on Twitter he was working on v2 and I started searching for other ideas. Now that it seems that Dom isn’t able to release v2, I decided to recover the app from where I left it.

The idea was an app that allowed to record and do some basic editing of 5 second videos, and share it with the community. Just like vine, but with donations and paid subscriptions to creators.

++ Now there’s a website ++

What do you think? Anything is better than Oevo, right? I just need money for the servers and storage. Would make an Indiegogo or something.

Edit 1:

I wanna hear some ideas or suggestions (naming, features, community building…)


That sounds like a cool app!

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Sounds intriguing but would payment be necessary to use the app?

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W8: Do you really want to have ‘gram’ in the name? It’ll probably remind people of instagram too much…

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No, payments will be exclusively used to support creators you like.

I’m open for ideas. Thanks for sharing your opinion