New and Improved fyp. (posting again because it didnt get enough love)

So I just had an idea pop into my head while reading some of these posts. Basically, I think there’d be a better way to make a “fyp”. I know @dom said he has a better idea planned in the near future but for now I’ll leave this out here and you guys can lmk what you think. So we all know that the fyp for Tik Tok is extremely effective in terms of increasing exposure for new/ “unpopular” accounts. But It is flawed in a sense that all you see on that app is people spamming #fyp to desperately try to gain popularity and the tag is used so frequently it’s like a lost sea of users with no respect to what kinds of videos users like to see. But what if we tweak that idea slightly. My idea is that you use an algorithm that tallies the amount of likes you dish out and tracks the corresponding channels that the posts are posted under. With that data, you can create a list of your top 1-8 viewed categories and rank them based on the amount of likes for each channel. With that list in place, you can then calculate percentages based off of the running total of likes you give to each channel. Using those percentages, the basic idea is that for whatever percentage a channel has, it will display that percent of the time on your home page. This may seem complicated but I’ll use an example to try to clear up any questions.

For this example I’m going to list 4 categories instead of 8 because thats too much work tbh. So let’s say I like

  1. 300 posts that use the sports channel
  2. 250 posts that use the fitness channel
  3. 120 posts that use the animation channel
  4. 100 posts that use the travel channel

Based off of that data, I can calculate the percentage that each should show up on my home page. With a total of 770 likes throughout my top channels, I can infer that I like

  1. 38.96% (300/770 *100) of posts under the sports channel
  2. 32.47% (250/770 *100) of posts under the fitness channel
  3. 15.58% of posts under the animation channel
  4. 12.99% percent of posts under the travel channel.

Theoretically, that would mean my homepage should consist of 38.96% of sports posts, 32.47% of fitness posts, and so on from there. With this method, users would have posts centered around what THEY like specifically. It still allows users to see a form of variation with their posts yet holds true to what they enjoy the most content wise. I know its a pretty rough idea but honestly it seems like it would keep interest of a lot of users allowing them to stay on the app for longer amounts of time which in turn would increase exposure to many new content creators. Now I do have an idea about what type of posts you would see under each of those channels and how to grow newer/less popular users however I don’t see the need to do this as of now since I’m not sure how appealing this idea looks to anyone else. Please reply to this and let me know what you guys think or how it can be tweaked/improved, The advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Also, I know I said throughout this that the algorithm would reside within the “home” page of users but this can also just become a whole new page within the app. That way you can keep your home page specific to people you follow but i’m just spitballing here. You could call it “My Byte Experience” or something along those lines. Idk if anyone has a better name for it feel free to say so this is still a really rough idea.


Not a bad idea! btw love your profile picture!! :honeybee:

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