New algorithm, less likes and new followers?

With the new algorithm, the engagement is lower but also less new followers daily, how many you got per day after the new algorithm? And how many you used to get?

Also can @dom do something like on Tik Tok and make it easier to follow people straight from the byte without going on the profile page.


used to get 0-1, currently getting 0-1


What new algorithm…?


I’m actually getting more engagement, especially across all of my older videos. This has led to more followers too, especially in this downturn. If anyone is reading this, NOW IS THE TIME TO UPLOAD, because when the new people come on, they will see all of your “old stuff” that you did now on their Mixes, just like how we’re seeing all these old videos from weeks/months ago right now.

To me, this is what it feels like: Previously, the top 100 creators were getting a total of perhaps 50k likes (for example). However, now the top 1000 creators are all sharing those same 50k likes, so there are more people that are getting more engagement, and less that are getting less engagement. It’s kinda more normalised. It’s like the rich aren’t getting richer, and the poor aren’t getting poorer. As for me personally, I’ve always kinda been a middle class dude, so it’s been good for me.

Also, especially since the general population (hopefully) is using the Your Mix page more than the categories and popular and spotlight, I think the effectiveness of L/C groups has been crushed. This is why I’m a strong advocate of perhaps removing the popular page and/or other ranked pages like the categories. Because it lets the strong stay strong (since they’re #1 and more likely to be liked). Keep in mind this is from someone that has been on spotlight twice and consistently (though not always) hits #1 - #5 in my preferred category. I just think the system is more fair for everyone.

As for the second point: Make it easier to follow creators
TL;DR, they’re thinking about it.


I’m working off the assumption that - since we’re in the early days - the algorithm will be so volatile that you can’t really count on the numbers meaning a whole lot from day-to-day. Right now, I’m just focused on the elements that I can control, specifically finding weird people who are weird in the way I’m weird and building a small sub-community with each other.


You are spot on with the algorithm - algorithm works better with larger data sets to sort through and higher viewership :blush:





The new algorithm is good it give me likes to my older post as well but the loops on the newer one has gone down. I guess we all just have to wait for the hashtags

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Ive seen your stuff you deserve way more!

I had a little drop after byte fully released tbh. I mean first day I had massive engagement but after that it dropped off. Now I am getting back to the normal engagement and it’s staying there to the likes of what I was receiving during the beta. But like dom said the more people watch your mix the more they will be shown content not seen that much. So I just keep on posting and when one video sticks it will raise the other bytes I thought also deserved credit as well.

I love the new algo

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