New Aladdin Trailer: Disneys Bollywood Netflix Special

So, if you guys did not hear already, I hate disney live adaptations. Theyre lazy cashgrabs that work too well. One of my favorite disney movies is Aladdin, and theyre making that a live adaptation… and I hate it. They just came out with a new trailer too… and oh my god I hate it.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is.
Watch it if you wanna see it, and come back to this to hear my review.

I DO NOT LIKE THIS! I mean, yeah, it looks better then the first one, I’ll give it that, but it still doesn’t look good to me. You can slap on a new name and I would think “Oh so just an Aladdin ripoff.” Because thats exactly what it looks like. Here is what I am nitpicking:

  1. Bollywood
    Thats literally what it looks like. For a movie thats supposed to be literally in Arabia (hence the beginning song ARABIAN NIGHTS) it looks too much like a bollywood movie. Not saying that bollywood movies suck, it just doesnt make sense to me why it looks like that when it… clearly isnt supposed to be an Indian film? Thats like shooting a movie about the french revolution in fucking england, its weird and offputting. That doesnt make sense. Youre supposed to be over here not over there! YOURE LOST AND WENT TO ANOTHER COUNTRY! HOW?! HOW DID YOU END UP WHITEWASHING BY NOT WHITEWASHING BUT BY STILL FUCKING IT UP?! I didn’t know that was possible! Congratulations, Disney, for making something indian that was supposed to be arabian and I’d even think its more american then arabian. God damn i cant wait for the hunchback of notre dame where when its supposed to be french THEY TURN IT INTO SPAIN and for the lion king ITS IN AUSTRALIA!

  2. Aladdin, the cleanest street rat ever

Why does he look clean? I mean, yeah in the original he looked ‘clean’ too but if were taking liberties to turn Jafar into a cars salesman, why are we making him still look clean? He looks like hes living financially fine, hes just a vigilante who gets in trouble… like Flint Rider… wow, disney really has a thing for those type of characters don’t they?

  1. Trees are more threatening then Jafar
    Okay I hated when i first heard him, and now that i heard him MORE… I hate him way more. Who knew he could sound more like a college professor more? Like who the fuck would be intimidated by him? I mean its clear why he could just approach aladdin with no disguise now! Its because he sounds like he wants to talk to him about his lord and savior jesus christ! THEY RUINED JAFAR FASTER THEN ANY CHANCES I HAVE WITH GIRLS AND ITS DISGUSTINGLY BEAUTIFUL HOW THEY DID THAT! I mean its obvious they dont give a flying fuck. I get white washing is an annoying thing and hollywood has been trying to defeat that but GOD DAMN IF YOU CANT FIND A JAFAR THEN CALL UP TIM CURRY! JUST WOW!

  2. Genie
    … okay, fine, YOU GOT ME! He doesn’t look bad the second time around. I’m sure there will be nothing wrong with him but I still wish they got someone whos a beautiful improvisor. Infact, if you ask me, chris rock would have been a good choice. Im just saying.

Now, I hate this. Yes I do. Truly insanely hate this. On the one hand, i hope it doesnt flop and changes my mind because I love Aladdin… on the other hand, I hope it gets under 40% and it destroys future live adaptation hopes because I cant stand them. ‘BuT LiOn KiNg LoOks SO gOoD!’ Does it? We’ve barely seen anything from it, and AGAIN they pulled some nostalgia string with Jones speaking. Sure, it looks beautiful, of COURSE its going to look beautiful because its DISNEY! Did you suspect them to go full Toy Story 1 Animation out of no where? I hope future live adaptations arent terrible but at the same time I just want it all to stop.

Atleast they aren’t creating my favorite 1990s disney movie and one of my favorite 2000s movies into a live adaptations…

… wait a fucking minute.



honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Decorations looks like objects made of plastic. I hope main actors will distract us from all of this… Also I was expecting to see someone who looks more like Jasmin :hibiscus:



k small rant over, I get where you are coming from, Aladdin is one of my favorites and the first few trailers had me disappointed but the last one is making me hopeful. But it could’ve had way better potential. Disney originally reached out to Kevin Hart to play the genie WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING SINCE HE IS SO FUNNY AT IMPROV. Will Smith isn’t as bad as I thought but since I found out Kevin Hart could have played the part it’s such a huge let down. And I think it’s too early to call out on Lion King, all we’ve seen are the VFX which look stunning so for that movie I’m hyped and can’t wait to see the trailer for that


I’m totally on the same page with you about this remake themes. Environment in disney cartoons looks more real than environment in movies based on the same cartoons!! Not ready for Mulan trailer…

off top: what do you think about Frozen 2 teaser? I was sceptic beforehand but watching it was a pleasure :snowflake:


As a person who respects the Indian Film Industry I would very much like to agree with you. They tried to make it look Indian even though it was supposed to be Arabian, and honestly didn’t even do a good job at that. I mean if you want it a certain way then go full out, don’t just put your interpretation on it and get it fully wrong.

To be honest it was not even that good as Indian if that was what they were trying to put out there. Just because you wear the colourful Sari’s and Salvar Kamiz that does not make it Indian. As you said it is more American than anything else.

No hate to the Sari’s and Salvar Kamiz, they are beautiful and I appreciate them. Always nice to see people investing in different cultures. :heart_eyes:

But I do respect their efforts. At least they tried, we can give them that. :relaxed:


I wanted Jade Thirlwall to play Jasmine… She is of Arabian descent after all :confused:


Will Smith is gonna be a genie.:persevere:can’t resist…must throw away…MONEY! lol

Let me guess… @FatJesusMan… You feel the same way about live action Lion King?

That’s gonna be lit!!!


I’ve never seen the original, but your right. God this looks bad.


did you not have a childhood like ???


I really hope it changes my mind also. I never wanna see a movie so beautiful to be tarnished by live action. Infact I want it to look amazing! But sadly, right now, it doesnt.



And yeah, now that i think about it, Even though I found kevin hart to be slightly annoying recently, I think he would have made a great genie with his improv skills.

I think Lion King looks insanely good. Its obviously their strengths to make movies like that (Jungle Book) because they do amazing with CGI. Im just scared they change a major part of the story, thats all.


I think they could really do good with specific enviroments! Of course i’ll go on a rant about that later.

Honestly, I was scared. I wasnt hyped hearing about this Frozen 2 thinking it will be a wishy washy princess love story but, h o l y h e l l, I am insanely excited! It looks dark and gritty, but a lot of fun! They obviously aren’t trying to hit one audience which is kids, they wanna hit EVERY audience and I am along for the ride! Can’t wait for it!


As I said before, I really hope they change my mind when it comes out and It doesnt look like the way it looks NOW, but enviroment really pulls me away from a movie and I love looking at how everything looks AROUND them and frankly, it just doesnt look normal.


She would actually look pretty well and it would make sense. I like that! Now I’m sad it isnt happening


Live Action Lion King is going to probably maybe be good. No doubt it will look INSANELY beautiful, its disneys strength to make stuff with alot of CGI animals look good. Im just worried if they flip the story somehow like they seem to have been doing with Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin right now.


Yes i did :frowning:

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Yeah I did. I spent most of it scavenging in the woods for edible tree bark that my family could eat. I’d put it in my deer intestine sack and drag it back to the small cave that we resided in.

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hey, at least @mason_paper will have A WHOLE NEW WORLD to discover! :crystal_ball:

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“Captain Fantastic” vibe is present! Don’t worry, it’s okay not to see a particular film, you always have time to cover that, right? Actually it would be very cool to discuss Aladdin here with a person who’ll see it only now!!

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“Beauty and The Beast”… it was painful to watch on the screen.

I’m not a big fan of the first Frozen (Brave is more my cup of tea), but yeah… these sceneries were breathtaking and the general tone was so poetic and dramatic in a good way!

Is there any other trailers that are good in your opinion?

I’m really hyped for Shazam at the moment :zap:

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