Net neutrality issue is back ❎ RED ALERT

Guys its happening again but now its red alert status so go sign this so the internet doesnt get fucked over


Bro I thought it was over!!

It will be soon and not in the good way if we dont get a shit ton of people to sign it


I like the cut of your jib Profan1ty. Shit’s fucked if people don’t step up and knock these fuckers down.

Kane out.

What do you mean it’s “happening again”? The FCC voted and killed NN, it’s just now actually taking affect

yo I’m all for net neutrality but it is honestly not that big of a deal. yeah companies will be allowed to do basically whatever they deem appropriate, and that sounds really really scary. But it was only implemented in 2015. so the internet is not going to become a wild wild waste. Its just going to go back to what it was like before 2015. besides, it is less government interfering in the private sector, which leads to cheaper prices and better quality product.


YEESSS. Glad someone else understands that this isn’t the end of the world or anything. :blush:


oh thank goodness! I knew you were one of the coolest people on here lol


Aw, you really think so? How nice of you! :yum:


Wait how does this work? Just curious.

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If you have multiple companies in direct competition then the price of the same product will go down and quality will go up in order to gain new customers and retain old ones. as soon as the government inserts itself and regulate things, the prices go up and quality goes down because there is no point in competition. this was one of the financial problems that communism and fascism faced in WW2