Nervous about v2 Release

So I just had a sudden realization that when V2 finally drops Tens of Thousands, maybe even MILLIONS! of people will rush to download the app. There will be a flood of users, everyone trying to get as famous as possible. this made me discover that i could easily be left in the dust ;-; Nervous for the release of the app, but hyped as well. Ugh it’s destroying me. Any thoughts on this?


Of course like any app that has hype behind it, just stay true to your craft and be consistent don’t let the thought of others bring you down you just gotta work harder than them :wink:


I won’t lie; it’s gonna be tough

However, if you have the right mindset, make no excuses, stick to it, and find a habit or trend that works for you on V2; you’ll get a win out of it :blush:


That is nerve wrecking to think about, but there is the possibility that some people won’t last for very long, especially any old viners who come back. Some won’t have the dedication that others will and might fizzle out or not post as often. Plus, if you have creative, entertaining content, it will stand out from the rest.


Thank you so much @MikeBibby @azadei @joe4893 this actually makes feel good! THANK you!


I guess it all depends on who’s allowed in the beta version.

maybe you should use that nervousness as drive to want to do the best you can. hard work always pays off and the only thing getting in your way is you. there’s gonna be competition, but there’s competition in almost everything in life. ultimately compete against yourself and work on your craft until you get to where you wanna be.


You’d probably stand out more if you wait till the dust settles anyway

This makes it seem as if it’s the hunger games and that we’re ready to fight :joy:


You have to change your way of thinking, If you think that people will not watch your videos, this is going to be.
You have to be more positive and with more confidence in you, You have to think positive and the good things will be in your side.

Yep, i am thinking that too, but there are still a few months until its launch

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