Negative Nancies on "The Death of Byte"

Oh, boy. These past few days have been a wild ride to say the least. It really started to get hot with the team’s decisions to nerf Rebytes (causing panic amongst Rebyte abusters) as well as this thread from yesterday on the team’s view on current advertising: Byte Marketing

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “Wow, this app is dead compared to X amount of time ago” or “Wow, this app is nothing like Tik Tok,” I would have enough money to buy Byte right now. I don’t know how many times I have to reiterate this point, but I’ll say it louder for the people in the back. It’s been just over three weeks. Tik Tok existed as for 4 years, four long years, before it became Tik Tok, and even then, it’s been out for over two years and it’s blown up since then. What fraction of 3 weeks is a single year? What about four to six?

My main point is: give an app some time before you make any judgement calls. I don’t know how much I can stress this, but it’s almost as if every person I tell this that’s had a negative opinion of Byte is like I’m speaking to a brick wall.

Another Byte user by the name of @radicaltrash put it quite well, actually, so I’ll paste her messages here. Let’s look at the facts on Facebook, a multi-billion dollar platform, whose founder, Zuckerberg, has a net worth of 74 billion now. Did Facebook launch and get billions of dollars from advertising itself in two weeks - a month? No!

“They literally made a movie about Facebook’s success, for one. It’s taken years, if not decades, to build up. It sat there, barely used, on a single college campus for 1-2 years before it was sent out to colleges everywhere. When it was first released, you even needed to use a college email to sign up.”

“Fast forward. It was released publicly, and it still took a few years to gain traction. Word of mouth, improvements over time, everything. People swore up and down that MySpace couldn’t be overthrown, but look at where we are now, with Zuckerberg rolling in almost 100 billion dollars under his mattress. Its marketing campaign over years allowed Facebook to be successful – it used to be just a bunch of college students, then it was high schoolers, then kids, now everyone and their grandma’s second cousin removed has a Facebook.”

Now, you might be wondering, what’s up with everyone’s negative opinions about something so small and humble, and why is everyone so quick to judge? Why does literally everyone ignore the ‘please wait, it takes years to grow’ argument and still push the iT’S dYinG lmAo narrative?

I don’t know. I’ll tell you what, every single person I’ve met who has this train of thought acts like their rent is due tomorrow and they need a Byte partnership and a rain check of $100,000 immediately or else they’ll be evicted for some reason. These people are impatient, they’re not realistic about the ins and outs of marketing and app development, and to be honest, it’s just a classic case of projection. People only want to pressure Byte into blowing up of sorts because if Byte blows up, so do they – these people have been able to slip through the cracks and camouflage as people who enjoy the platform and community, but really, they are nothing more than your everyday clout-chaser who is treating the app more like a business model than something they genuinely want to see grow and be a apart of through its community. They’re chasing pseduofame and power, because it makes them feel good – and the fact that it’s not coming over night and they’re complaining about it, blaming the app and its team, just goes to show who they really are.

Vine had both popularity in its own time and has since grown even more posthumously through spread on Twitter, Instagram, and the ever-funny YouTube Vine compilations. The magic about apps like Vine and Byte is that they grow through their users and through content – shared onto other platforms and between friends. To make such a judgement call that the app is in ashes in single-digit weeks into release is just selfish and shows what you’re really here for – we’re people from all walks of life. Some of us are in college, some are in grade school, some even have wives, husbands, and families. To dance all over an app humbly made by a comparably small team and compare it to Tik Tok, an A-list app that had 6 years of experience to grow as well as hundreds of millions of dollars floating from Chinese megacorporations, is just ignorant.

I don’t care how much “experience” you have in “social media marketing” from selling Instagram pages and tweeting “Don’t forget to follow me for daily content,” or however much you claim to be an expert in, saying you know more than the creators of the app itself.

In the words of one of our Forum moderators, I would think maybe that Dom, one of three creators responsible for an app with 200 million active users that he sold to a triple-A social media company, sealing both the app’s legacy into pop culture as well as its numerous creators who have been immortalized into Instagram and YouTube, maybe, just maybe, knows what he’s doing.

So, essentially, if anyone tells you otherwise, just ignore them. I don’t dance with Negative Nancies – their arguments are rooted in clout-chasing, frustration, and fear. And, most of all, neither should you! :^)


Agreed :clap::clap: very well said. The app will only be considered “dead” if everyone stops posting which is not the case and will never be the case. We’re in the “trough of sorrow” right now and that could last for years before seeing actual, genuine growth. However, it is very reassuring that we have a constant flow of people making bytes and that the Byte team has so many things planned in the future so by all means, this app is certainly not dead.


You know how I feel, but I’ll say it again:
We should be focused on building a strong base of creators…a community…and having fun while doing it.
Let Dom and his team deal with the logistics, as this isn’t their first rodeo (I’ll use that phrase every chance I get).

If you keep focusing on the numbers, you are robbing yourself of the fun of it all.
Chill, ride the wave, and have fun!


Exactly. And you gotta remember - making videos is fun - but they’re not the end all of your experience here. NOW IS THE TIME TO KNUCKLE DOWN AND DO THE WORK. Artists, real ones, spend 90% of their time slogging through the crap and fine tuning their craft. It’s the final 10% that they’re remembered for. And that goes for anything - comedy, music, sports, you name it.

You want to blow up overnight? A lot of good it’s going to do you if you have nothing left in your tank because you burned through all your energy chasing clout.

Instead of worrying about numbers after three weeks, instead of giving yourself an ulcer because your video today got 100 less likes than yesterday and shouting “FIRE!!”
Focus solely on one question…

Am I a better creator today than I was yesterday?

And this isn’t a soapbox thing. This is something I have to tell myself every day.


There’s Negative Nancies all over the internet. Let those Debbie downers drown in their own bs and let’s just keep doing what we do. As long as us creators continue to share our videos through other networks as well it will create a “byte” from others…see what I did there. This app has made my kids excited to take part in the creation, which has brought us even closer, hence my #dadlife posts. We have fun. You have fun. Lets all just keep having FUN together, this app has a bright future!!!


Calling out half of the creators on Byte whose looking for that opportunity and “clout chasing”, well said. This should be pinned in the forums honestly :man_shrugging:t4: I’d also be rich every time when I hear someone mentions ”byte is dead”, I’ll retire and drop out of college. It’s all love for @radicaltrash :hugs:


Let them cry all the want, patience is truly a virtue. The ones who are meant to stay will stay, and enjoy our fruits of labor once Byte surpasses its own potential.


I’m just here to have fun and love everyone.
Just accept my love okay?!


We both are :handshake::sneezing_face:


I agree with this it is especially bad in my opinion on sites like twitter and YouTube as I sometimes have a quick look on there to see what people think about byte or what they have uploaded but the majority of the answers I see are how byte is already falling on the charts instead of people actually giving it a chance.


Exactly good things take time.


YESS! Exactly, those people are obnoxious and impatient, I just recently saw one video YouTube last night about byte that made me roll my eyes. Stuff like this takes years to flourish and time to evolve, and buddy if your not in it for the long haul, then you are definitely not going to be successful in your endeavors!


Well said, this app is still growing and good things take time to blossom and grow.
This community is what makes byte so good.


Well said.