(NEED THIS) notification settings for byte

we should have the option to mute specific notifications on byte

I want to know when someone tags me in a byte but i cant tell due to the INFLUX of likes on one of my vids

It would be best for this app to have a notification setting including

  • mute likes on/off
  • mute follows on/off
  • and notify me when someone I follow tags me on/off

these would make life so much easier than having to turn off all byte notifications all together!

also an option to hide rebytes in our feed


having the ability to know if you have been rebyte would be cool aswell


Having the possibility to mute notification from a byte in particular coulb a great feature

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On the topic of suggestions, I think on our own profile, a liked section and a rebyted section would be helpful too, like how it was on Vine.

I also just really don’t like how a lot of stuff is hidden within our profiles, like who we’re following, who’s following us, our loop counts, etc.


Really wish I could have notifications for comments but nothing else. :frowning:

Yes please have an option to customize what notifications I get. I wish I was only notified on comments and mentions and that I only saw likes when I opened up the app.

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I think this is already in the app… Check the notifications tab there will be a choice to filter by comments, mentions, etc


I see that, but I mean when I’m not using the app and it gives me notifications for every like, comment, and mention.

Makes sense… On the settings there could be a notification part with checkbox making you choose which to get notified for

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Instagram has something like that and I’m able to only be notified for mentions or if I turn on notifications for specific people.

I welcome any notifications I mean with the addition to group notifications on ios 12 or 13 i think it would group them anyways!

Yes please

Bumping this.

Why don’t you like dopamine

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I can do this through the Android notification settings. It’s kind kind of basic but at least I don’t see likes anymore

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I’d really appreciate a lot more control in the app, similar to how Instagram handles things.

Oh cool idk why I didn’t think of doing that for now lol thanks! Yeah hopefully notification settings will be coming soon

dopamine hits better when its all at once when I open the app😍