Need some friends, let’s be friends

Instagram: claymossphoto
Twitter/Snap: claymosss

Instagram-Supremeflixx,Sup bro

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OK I’m on Instagram as @pricezayne

insta: mizzlemelia

Hey bro I’m new too this new vine I’m just looking for friends I can do videos with are u that type brody​:dizzy::crossed_fingers:? Ig@Jamesbutlermtv

Hey bro can we be friends ig@jamesbutlermtv
Byte@jamesbutlermtv ?

Follow me on both and I will follow u on both then let’s become friends and do ( collabs together If u stay in Nevada :dizzy::movie_camera::muscle:t5::man_dancing:t4:) ig@jamesbutlermtv byte@jamesbutlermtv @Zayneprice @amelia @MontelDRobinson