Need help asap like rn

I decided to comeback to byte ever since I heard the news about Tiktok possibly being banned from America. But anyways right I cant open the app whatsoever

Any help is appreciated.
Im on IOS
I apologize if this doesnt fall in the bug reports section I just need help and I would like to come back.

Update: So far Ive tried everything I can to get byte to work on my phone. I made a new account and everything was back to normal. I logged back into my normal account and this is what pops up.


Update and try again. Also i dont think byte is released in north korea :joy: that might be the issue :rofl:

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I did. I uninstalled the app and tried again many times and this issue still happens. PS the North Korea things a joke

that’s odd
please list what ios version you’re on, as well as your device model just so it’s easier for the devs to work out the issue :blep:

are you in the beta on testflight or just from the app store?

and welcome back to byte! :grin:

iPhone XR
iOS 13.5.1
I downloaded from the appstore not using any special version…
I updated to the IOS 14 public beta and the issue is still happening