Need feedback for future vids

Just looking for some pointers I can consider for next time

I edited this in Adobe Premiere. It was a little tricky because the two parts were recorded on two different devices, one with the native Byte camera and the other with the phone camera. I did the best I could to make them match, but I will continue to play around more with it to find the best settings to work with.

Sorry could you explain the Byte to me? I don’t think I get it.

I’ve got some feedback, but if you could understand what you were trying to go for, that’ll give me a baseline to critique against. The more context the better of course.


It takes place on a bus. I sit down and look over. The other passenger sitting next to says something backwards and it is disconcerting


I like the concept, but if you could fit in more context clues, that might help get the point across more effectively. Give yourself a line in normal English and then maybe add a backwards movement (something fairly obvious) that identifies that this isn’t just another language and there is clearly something weird happening. Hard to do in six seconds but I think there is room in there. :blush:

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Yeah okay.

  • So I didn’t get it at first glance. Even now, tbh, I don’t really get it.
  • The initial head turn I feel like it should’ve been a little more natural. Like you should be glancing around or something. You turn your head like that when something catches your attention. It’s missing some sort of context queue. Like if there was an explosion or something, then you’d turn your head like that.
  • Just building on the previous point, something needs to have happened before you turn your head like that. So I think you could’ve sat down, he could’ve said that line, and then you react by turning your head to look at him, he smiles at you, then you look back ahead. Something like that.
  • Matching sets would be great, even against a white wall. Could even use TikTok for their Green Screen effect to get you both in the same bus. (don’t worry about this too much, or the quality of fps or whatever. Work on the story and the idea)
  • Were you going for a laugh? I don’t quite see the punchline if you were. If you were going for “uncomfortable”, I think you need some edits to help that. Whether it be from glitches to colour grading to something else. This feels like a BigPants style video.

Obviously I’m just your average noob, so always take what I say with a grain of salt, but these are my thoughts.

Hope this helps.


A devastating assessment but I thank you

I’m trying to figure out some ways to make “remote collabs” feasible, if all creators involved are supposed to be in the same place interacting with each other

I don’t get enough practice with Premiere, but I know as I keep at it I’ll discover new editing tricks to put my ideas together. What editing software do you use? How often do you use it outside of Byte?

Remote collabs - green screening. I bought one off of Amazon for $20 because @gopysyk pressured me into it. Now I can always be with him. Again, if you don’t wanna do that, try out TikTok’s green screen filter, export the video, scale it to cut out the TikTok stuff, and use it for your Byte. Otherwise, just set up a similar scene. If you guys are talking, try to have both of you have white wall background, 30 fps so the footage looks similar, etc. Don’t use complex backgrounds. The bus example you gave in my opinion needed a green screen.

I use premiere too. I use it always outside of Byte. I have yet to upload one without editing since launch day.

My last piece of advice is focus on the story/theme. Sometimes, simple concepts go so far. I learned this when some of my Byte friends said my stuff was too big brain. One of my recent favourites: If the link doesn’t work, it’s the portal one by @ dylan on byte. So, so simple.

Good luck

Sorry a few final notes.

Kawena is consistently top 5 if not top 3 if not top 1 on Popular (pre-algo change) using only the Byte camera. I want to emphasise this because of my point about “story/concept”. No one needs Premiere or sick edits to succeed.

Lastly is that this is my opinion only. Perhaps someone else got it, and I’m simply not big brain enough. Best to have someone else chime in.

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this made me laugh- tbh people be analyzing the fuck outta this (a little too much if you ask me cause its just a silly 6 second video) but if you just had a shot of him already sitting down on the seat on the bus next to you at the VERY BEGINNING it would have played off a bit smoother.

Keep doing what you are doing cause the look you gave the camera at the end SENT ME


And this is the other perspective I was really hoping you’d get

Good luck

Still valuable feedback all around. I know Big Brain editing in on the computer is not necessary for success - but for some ideas, the Byte camera just won’t cut it.

I have other, simple ideas (see my other vids), it’s the more complex ones I need more practice with.

I’d probably say none of my favourite Vines of all time are heavily edited. Edits can get in the way of a good idea sometimes.

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I decided to build my feedback on @Lacieyl’s comment, since I feel he pretty much nailed it.

I think you’d need to establish the setting. As others have said, either recording on a green screen or giving your all and recording in an actual bus. This video specifically has a concept based on the bus, so it’s too important to ignore.

This is a good piece of advice in general, for any concept. Always make sure it makes sense, even if it isn’t “set up” properly. For example, I have a lot of bytes where someone needs to be “pretty much doing nothing”. But that’s suspicious, it doesn’t make sense, so: I slap a phone on their hand. I don’t need to show them scrolling or doing anything at all, but having it in their hands is enough of a context queue to make it feel less staged.

If it’s not possible to use a green screen (I never do, because learning intimidates me and I am too broke to buy something like that in my country) you can always try to make it as seamless as possible. I’ve been working on a collab with the great @nicolette and one of the first things we tried to settle on was “what ideas can we come up with that wouldn’t require us to be in the same room”. Right after that, we checked how, in our houses, we could make pretend like we were in the same room. This is something you have to properly plan around to have it look as good as possible.

As for positive feedback: Your face at the end, like @bails said, is GREAT. Also, you framed the video in a very convincing way - it took me way longer than it should have to realize that you were in a room, and not in some weird windowless bus.


Now I know who I’ll come to for honest critique. Great feedbacks :love_you_gesture:t4::star2:

cc @LittleDewDroplets @Lacieyl :fire:

Nah I’ve scarred myself. I’m never critiquing ever again.

Haha oh don’t be like that

I asked for critique and that’s exactly what I got. My critiques would be just as cold and direct