Need advice

Hey yall. I dont have many IRL friends and I’m badly in need of advice. I just got fired from my job over false accusations from a coworker who didnt like me (for honestly no reason), and she got her clique of friends to go in and back her up. I’m not super mad at my boss because it makes sense for them to side with the majority, but I’m 20 and it’s the main work experience I have. (Especially field-specific, im pre-vet student right now). I’m at a loss of what to do. I dont want to fight for my job back because it’s been too stressful and I’ve been debating quitting because of it, but I was at least looking forward to the reference, and now my reputation is tarnished because of petty workplace drama. Do you think this will prevent me from being able to get another job in the future? I need to get one asap to pay for college.

Thanks to anyone who replies. It’s been a while since I’ve been on these forums but I know it’s a positive environment


I worked there for nearly 2 years too.


If you get fired I’m pretty sure they aren’t allowed to disclose it with anyone else unless it was something like stealing, or in Texas they don’t… so I’d say start over but I can’t even do that because I can’t quit my horrible job… START OVER, YOU ONLY NEEDED THAT JOB FOR WORK EXPERIENCE AND RESPONSIBILITIES… don’t be afraid to start over. It’s scary but it’s worth it… one day I’ll take my own advice


Thank you. I hope that’s the case. They wont even let me defend myself or speak my case to use them for a reference. Maybe this will push me to better things, who knows.


Perhaps, you could start looking for back up jobs just it case it gets worse.


Look for a new job? And I’d say don’t be too close with co-workers; try to be mutual/on good terms with them.


I think you’ll be open to other jobs. You only need to let people know that you’re committed to your work! (and have qualifications of course but like ya know what i’m sayin’)


You can never know what terrible luck your bad luck has kept you safe from!!!


Literally you are probably so right. That really resonated with me :joy: thank you


Yeah! My best friend told me that a few years ago and it’s never left me since


No this won’t keep you from getting another job in the future. You don’t even need mention this place to any future employers as a reference if they ask since you are still in school. Your main thing going forward is going to be your education and your degree as well as internships for landing future jobs. When you go to apply for internships, most internship places won’t ask for reference from a previous employer, they will ask your professors on how well of a student you are and letters of recommendations. You are definitely ok! :slight_smile:


I can’t give any useful advice, but there is no reason to believe that this incident will affect your future employment. What will affect your future employment is the vibe you give off. Are you confident and content, or are you guilty and confused? You know what I mean. :slight_smile:

People have bounced back from worse. So I think you’ll be fine at the end of it.


Wow, talk about a coincidence! I’m in my mid-20’s right now and something very similar happened to me at my job when I was 20. It was my first official job as well:

My Story:

I was working at a summer day camp with 4 other co-workers and the director overseeing around 50-60 children daily. The director was not around much at all due to administrative work but she would pop in from time to time. I’m never one to toot my own horn but the children favored me over the other counselors. Whenever I needed them to do anything, I wouldn’t have to yell at them at all. My cooworkers were accustomed to yelling and belittling(no exaggeration) children to get there way. They made it clear who their specific favorites were and the kids who didn’t fit that category would get no mercy. Since I didn’t believe in their style of discipline, they believed that something was wrong with me! They claimed that I was a “soft” guy who was trying to be best friends with the kids just because I chose to be friendly and critical as oppose to rude and judgmental.

They devised a plan to get me fired by fabricating and/or blatantly lying about scenarios and reporting them to the director behind my back. It got to the point where the director and the head of the organization had to have a private meeting with me threatening termination if I didn’t “clean up my act”. In the meeting, my mind went into lawyer-mode. I was not going to go down without a rebuttal. I debunked every false accusation that was made against me and convinced upper management that this was merely a case of staff-bullying and group-think.

The director had me confront each specific cooworker for their specific accusation. It’s funny how people tend to change their story when confronted by the person who they are speaking so negatively about. The director and the head of the organization apologized to me for jumping to conclusions based on the opinion by the majority.

The relationship between my cooworkers and me worsened as they decided to belittle me and under-mine my authority in front of the children. I had enough of their immature behavior and chose to resign because of it. For the remainder of the summer, I felt like an unemployed loser who allowed others to bully him out of a job. But then…

I read books and conducted research to find that this type of treatment in the workplace is common and very little is done about it. I realized that I can no-longer be passive-aggressive when I’m targeted by others, rather assertive. I would no longer let my guard down and give anyone a reason to lie about me. For every subsequent job I had, I made it my mission to clearly be the best employee that the organization every had.

Directly after that experience, I volunteered at a highly known and recognized children’s organization and immediately became their biggest asset(those are the exact words used by management). I’ve received an award at the end of the year for my excellent contributions and was offered employment in the leadership position soon after. This is the story for every other job that I have been involved with. I’m instantly recognized and valued by everyone.

Even being considered the best will cause it’s problems. I’ve had cooworkers attempt to lie about me simply due to jealousy. However I’ve learned to document everything I do in order to avoid being unfairly misrepresented. It works perfectly exposing the lies and causing the ones who made them to apologize.

My advise: It’s never the end! I have never used that first job as a reference to get anything. Just remember to always watch your back and fight back when necessary. You are responsible for protecting your reputation. Never put that power in the hands of anyone else.

If you need anymore specific advise, feel free to message me!


Thank you!! That’s really inspiring, I’m going to take that and run with it! I actually went out on a limb and asked if I could shadow/Intern at one of my dream jobs, and they said yes! So maybe this happened for a reason (to avoid sounding too into the trope :joy:), but I real will make sure this can never happen to me again. It was frustrating having my boss tell me I couldn’t try and defend myself, but honestly the same thing that happened to you with quitting would probably happen to me.

But I really do feel a lot better everyone, thank you all for taking the time to read and reply to me :two_hearts::two_hearts: