Nationwide Protests in Over 30 Cities Around the Country: George Floyd

Edit: I put a big dump of videos and general sources at the bottom for anyone who wants to catch up.

Time to get serious, everyone. Here are my opinions. Let’s keep this respectful :^)

At the time of writing this, there are at least 30 cities and states where protests are going on and continuing to move across the United States (1). These include, but are not limited to: Minneapolis, Atlanta, LA, Houston, Boston, Philly, Miami, D.C., Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Nashville, and Jersey. The national guard has been deployed to Minneapolis, and is mobilizing to several other states. Even a few hours ago, locally, in Sugarloaf Mills, there were four arrested and two police cars damaged amidst protests (2). As of 2am, Hackers Anonymous also just released a statement that they’d be taking a piece of the pie, threatening to release any and all previously closed cases of corruption (3).

For some reason, people find these protests bipartisan. “Are you on the cops’ side, or the protesters?” Certain news outlets are attempting to trim the narrative and equating protesters to looters and rioters alike.

I can’t imagine how polarizing it is to be in one of these areas protesting. One second, a peaceful protest, and the next, one wrong move and crowds of people are being tear gassed, gunned down with rubber bullets and bean bags, tased, and hogtied, like we continue to see everywhere.

Earlier today in Minneapolis, a reporter is now permanently blinded in her left eye while photographing the protests, reportedly shot by a rubber bullet by police. “Why was she protesting?” --> She’s a reporter, from Nashville. “Why wasn’t she wearing protection?” --> She was wearing goggles and a respirator. Still blinded (4).

In Salt Lake City, also earlier today, a man exited his car, bow and arrow in hand, yelled “All lives matter,” then shot an arrow into a crowd of protesters. He was jumped by the crowd, and his car was burned down (5).

Here’s the thing. I read this earlier today, and I wholeheartedly agree. It went something like this:

“Nobody was saying ‘straight pride’ until people said ‘gay pride.’ Nobody was calling themselves ‘meninists’ until people became ‘feminists.’ Nobody was saying ‘all lives matter’ until people said black lives did. If your only reason for trying to start a movement is to take attention away from another movement, you might want to look at your real intentions behind it.”

When people say “Why do only ‘black lives matter?’ What about the rest of us?” they’re not reading into the why – it’s not a means to discredit everyone else’s lives, nor is it some kind of personal attack. It gives voice to identity and to what the movement has been trying to get people to acknowledge for years, if not decades. Only recently, with the death of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and finally, George Floyd, people have begun to believe them, and stand by them.

I don’t think these protests should be as bipartisan as people are making them out to be. I am in no way defending the violence that is appearing in many states, but I understand why it is happening; but if people blindly condemn both protesting and rioting alike, then they’re missing the point. There’s something greater going on. These protests aren’t just about the clear and abhorrent murder of George Floyd under officer Chauvin’s knee. They’re a culmination of anger and frustration at our faulty judicial system. The fact that it took days to arrest officer Chauvin after clear footage was released, and the police attempted to craft the narrative that George was a criminal and died from previous health complications was sickening in and of itself.

Think – without social media or people recording, or if it were up to badge cam footage (which, officers seem to conveniently not turn on or mute, where the penalty is a slap on the wrist), then that is what the story would be. We’d have to take authorities’ stories at face-value. Society would continue. There would be no protests, no riots. George would be another “criminal,”, a name that nobody knows, being arrested and executed for a faulty 20 dollar bill.

The fact that law enforcement could have inevitably gotten away with murder has opened a lot of people’s eyes – “this is what has been going on for the longest time,” and it’s making people question whether people saying ‘F the police’ have been right all this time. There’s evil in every field, yes. But to give someone enough power to be judge, jury, and executioner for the rest of their lives? They should be held to higher standards, not “investigate themselves, find they did nothing wrong, then get two months of paid leave.”

I’m seething every time I hear “Why are people burning down our economy just over one black person?” or “I think the protesters should stop rioting/looting.” There’s something wrong with these statements – don’t equate the protests to riots and looting. They’re not one in the same, and their intentions are all inherently different. Many news outlets are attempting to change the portrayal of the inherent goal of the protests from peaceful to everyone using it as an excuse to destroy small businesses, banks, and buildings. That is happening, yes, but it isn’t most protesters’ intentions. There is no “Protesters seen looting stores” or “Protesters seen vandalizing and burning down cars.” These are looters looting stores, and rioters that are rioting – their goals are different from the ones these protests stand for. The protests start with seas of people marching, thousands standing and chanting in solidarity. One thing goes wrong, then the police throw out the pepper balls and tasers, or start running over protesters, as we’ve seen in New York (6). Things begin to escalate, and nobody knows who’s who – some protesters begin to riot, and things turn out of hand very quickly. Some aren’t even there to protest in the first place – they’re there only to instigate violence. Others take advantage of the situation, regardless of the cause for protesting, and use it as an excuse to loot.

In civil unrest, especially here, you’ll always have people who take advantage of the situation and smear the original goal of the protests in the first place, and outlets take advantage of that and coalesce the protests with the violence, which makes even the original goal of the peaceful marches and rallies all seem unjustified. I could link tens more videos of peaceful protests in Atlanta, LA, and New York happening in one area only for everything to blow up the next hour, where people are being trampled by horses in Texas or being tased and beaten for walking in the streets – but honestly, if you want anything, just check Twitter or the first page of Google.

Some media may try to convince everyone that George died in X way or was Y person – at this point, it’s protesting not only police brutality, but protesting the hate, bigotry, and racist rhetoric that has been growing the past few years and breeding in the U.S. for the past few decades since the civil rights movement, all recently feeling empowered by our oh-so beloved 45. They’re protests for the direction our society is taking. Protests not only for justice for George, but for the country.

I believe we’re at a social turning point, a mixed class and race war ushering in an age of nu-progressivism. What we’re seeing right now is people pushing for equality across the board, both judicially and racially. Nothing changed in 2016 when Kaepernick took a knee – if anything, recent years in our country’s direction have resurfaced hostility into people thinking that the U.S. is once again like the 1960’s. It’s 2020, and this is our response.

Stay safe, everyone. :^)







  7. A big dump of random videos of the chaos going on:

Credit to u/xxxnina

here’s a compilation of police starting attacks against protesters, pls continue to spread it.

or -

police shoving an old white man who is literally just standing there with his cane onto the floor.

or -

cop pulls down the mask of a PEACEFUL black protestor and sprays pepper spray on his face.

protestors kneeling and the cops attacking them with pepper spray.

Some more:

Cop shoves woman to ground, she ends up having a seizure and hospitalized in NYC

A lot of casual unprovoked assault in NYC

Casual car door slam drive-by in NYC

Two Cop SUVs running into/over protesters in Brooklyn

Different angle of the Cop SUVs running into/over protesters in Brooklyn

Casual pepper-spray drive-by in Minneapolis

SWAT in SLC shoving old man walking with a cane to the ground

Cops shove someone then punch different person in the face repeatedly as they are pinned on the ground, Seattle

Aftermath of 9 year old being maced by cop in Seattle

Or -

Tear gassing protesters in Fort Wayne

Car windows broken and tased for trying to drive home

Hands up, unarmed, they sic the dog on him in Sonoma County, CA (not protest related but still relevant)

More casual macing

Shooting paint canisters(?) at people filming on their own porch, Minneapolis

or -

Officer tramples protester with horse in Houston

Police in Erie PA kicking down a peaceful protestor

Seattle police pepper spraying peaceful protesters

Law Enforcement Intentionally fire Explosive Device at News Crew in Minneapolis

Woman asks police to move after they park their car on her property, they proceed to break her teeth

Cop decides to shoot at protestor who hurt his ego by yelling ‘F**k You’ at him

Black cop fired without pension for stopping another officer choking a suspect

Miami Police Department fires tear gas into crowd of protesters chanting “I can’t breathe”

Cops sneak up to confiscate & destroy water and other supplies peaceful protestors are using in Louisville, KY

Some rubber bullet victims:

A journalist who lost an eye.

La Mesa, California Police shot this woman in the head with rubber bullets whilst she was protesting peacefully (NSFW)

or -

This lady who took one to the face(NSFW)

Black teenager shot in the face by Sacramento police

Police shoots protestor for no reason


I hate literally all your novels but this one is so Fucjing worth the read. People, please Educate yourselves. Thank you Rice for this.



Love this. Also important to note that some of the most extreme property destruction and undirected violence is coming at times from white supremacists and undercover cops who have infiltrated the peaceful protests and are trying to instigate violent clashes between the police and POC.

  1. read, constantly. books and essays preferably. not just posts.
  2. check in on marginalized friends and LISTEN. try to keep your own feelings to yourself.
  3. speak out and correct people you know, not strangers on the internet. this is difficult but extremely important
  4. elevate marginalized people if you’re in a position to do so (we are currently hypocrites about this and i take responsibility)
  5. protest. in person and online.
  6. donate, if you can

read this about white fragility, aka “weaponized denial”. most of us white people, well intentioned or not, fall to this

some books:


Great words…

This is a very difficult moment for everyone, and it is time for us to listen to one another and unite and spread love…

Stay safe and healthy everyone! #beatcovid19 #justiceforfloyd #staysafeandhealthy

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Keep thinking about this… :fist:t5:


These protests do little to cause change. See the many decades of protest and where we are today.

Permanent change comes with education.

The citizens don’t understand government and don’t properly oversee it. The percentage of people who are on the streets and who actually vote don’t align in the least.

There was a community movement in the 1990s. The dishwasher at the restaurant next door had his car overturned by the mob. No one paid for that. He was poor and not Caucasian. It’s not justice. It’s self harm.

Stonewall disagrees with you.


Protests raises awareness of the injustice happening to then make corrections. MLK has protests, Malcom X had protests. Most everyone uses protesting as a powerful way to make an impact?

Are you talking about rioting?


Thank you so much for letting everyone upload themselves at protests. It’s sooooo important for the people in the crowd to document everything that happens so the media cannot take the narrative and twist it. It’s so important to have a platform like this that won’t be censored. Mad respect @dom and thanks again.


Bumping this.


The Civil Rights Act was passed after 110 cities in America rioted and protested MLK being assassinated.

The gay liberation movement was kickstarted by the Stonewall riots.

You can’t fix a broken system by playing by its rules.